Set up a circle of money? Zhang Zetian applied for trademark of milk tea baby

 Set up a circle of money? Zhang Zetian applied for trademark of milk tea baby

The above international classification of trademarks involves daily chemical products, education and entertainment, catering and accommodation, etc. the application date is June 9, 2020, and the trademark status is waiting for substantive examination. The brand names include milk tea mummy, milk tea baby, milk tea baby, etc.

It is reported that Jiangsu zhangzetian Culture Development Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Zhang Zetian. It was established on December 15, 2014, and its legal representative is Zhang Zetian. Its registered capital is 10 million. Its business scope includes investment in cultural industry, production and distribution of TV programs, performance and brokerage business, etc.

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No divorce! Liu qiangdong, Zhang Zetian and his wife set up tianqiang new company

According to an enterprise investigation, Liu qiangdong and Zhang Zetian jointly established a new company: the former holds 99% of the shares, while the latter holds 1%. The name of the company is taken from their name tianqiang, namely Sanya tianqiang enterprise management partnership (limited partnership).

The executive partner of Sanya tianqiang enterprise management partnership (limited partnership) is Beijing tianqiang Kuntai Investment Management Co., Ltd. its business scope includes: Internet information services; information consulting services; investment activities with its own funds; information technology consulting services; financial consulting services.

Pure! Zhang Zetians birthday photo without Liu qiangdong: back to 18

Netease Entertainment reported on November 25, Zhang Zetian released a beautiful photo to celebrate his birthday, with the text: just turned 18, birth day girl.

Zhang Zetian was born in 1993, just 27 years old, married and gave birth to a daughter. Along the way, Zhang Zetian, no matter in his studies or life, seemed to be on the right track. He married Liu qiangdong and became the bosss wife of Jingdong.

In the photo, although Liu qiangdong is not seen, Zhang Ze wears birthday decorations, his smile is very bright, his state is very good, and she feels full of girlhood!

It is reported that Zhang Zetian, a graduate of Tsinghua University, went to Cambridge University for further study last year, and his love affair with Liu qiangdong was exposed. In 2015, Zhang Zetian and Liu qiangdong held a wedding ceremony. In March 2016, Zhang Ze was born with a daughter. Because of Liu qiangdongs personal reasons, the two people have been repeatedly divorced. Zhang Zetians ring finger wearing a wedding ring seems to prove that they are happily married!

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