9.9 yuan financial management harvester: annual turnover of 1.2 billion yuan

 9.9 yuan financial management harvester: annual turnover of 1.2 billion yuan

The collapse of adults begins with no money


After opening the WeChat official account, full of anxiety, temptations, and even some headlines of pornography, they found that they were selling all kinds of 0 yuan, 9.9 yuan and 12 yuan of small white money lessons.

The black swan incident of the epidemic situation makes the money of users opponents even more tense: if there is no way to make money, then you should manage money and expect to make money through financial management. A group of financial Xiaobai completely ignited the track of financial intelligence education.

Since the beginning of this year, the number of paying users of online financial and intelligence education institutions has increased greatly, the revenue has risen rapidly, and the industry differentiation has accelerated. Some enterprises have increased the number of paid students in one month to the level of last year, with a year-on-year increase of 600%.

An investor disclosed to pencil path that in the first half of the year, a head company had made 1.2 billion turnover, and a famous audit institution had gone to the company to investigate. It is understood that the performance of other head companies is the same.

The more fanatical the market is, the more irrational and chaotic it is. Most financial education institutions take Xiaobai users as the harvest object, attract users with the 0-10 yuan Xiaobai financial management course, cultivate users stickiness, and then expose the nature of sickle, brainwash and sell advanced courses with thousands of yuan.

It is undeniable that financial intelligence education is a subdivision track with great development potential, but the story from zero income to financial freedom is easy to tell, but the sustainable solution is unknown. It is expected that it will not become the catalyst of sudden wealth dream of thousands of users in the end.

Head player: 1.2 billion in half a year

What do you fear most?

I am most afraid of being in short supply at the end of the month. I am afraid that my salary will be very little after I pay the rent. I am afraid that the company will close down and I will not have any income. I am afraid that I will be ill and I will spend every unexpected sum of money

In the final analysis, the core is the fear of no money.

The official account of tiktok has been more frequent in public figures and jitter in recent months.

The black swan of the epidemic situation makes the money of users opponents even more tense: if there is no way to make money, then you should manage money and expect to make money through financial management. A group of financial Xiaobai completely ignited the track of financial intelligence education.

What is the demand for financial intelligence education? Once a professional through a common sense survey to find out. Ask users three questions: interest rate, inflation and investment risk. Results only 1.65% of the families answered correctly, which was far lower than that of the United States, the Netherlands and other countries which attach importance to financial intelligence education.

At the beginning of this year, a wave of institutions were the first to receive market dividends. The number of paying users of online financial intelligence education institutions has increased greatly, the revenue has risen rapidly, and the industry differentiation has accelerated. The number of new paid students in a certain enterprise even one month has reached the scale of last half year. The most distinctive label is: 9 yuan 9 yuan, super value financial quotient course, more than 80% of the people in 3 years.

According to public data, the scale of Internet financial management this year has reached 15.5 trillion yuan. Some experts predict that in the future direction of financial intelligence education, the capital market may give birth to listed enterprises with a market value of tens of billions of yuan.

At present, the number of related companies is increasing. In tianyancha app, input the keyword financial intelligence education, and there are 559 relevant companies data, and 101 companies have been established for less than a year. Most of these are online education companies that accumulate relevant user data to better grasp the financial intelligence education needs of residents in relevant areas.

WeiMiao business school, changtou school, kuaifei school In terms of education form, most of the financial education platforms on the market at present adopt the light education mode, adopt hierarchical teaching and live teaching forms such as mobile app + wechat classroom, etc., with customized tracking solutions to meet the needs of students differentiated and personalized financial management learning.

9.9 yuan harvest small white users

My financial income is 10 times that of my husband in the fifth year of resignation

I want to retire at 40


In a variety of chicken soup text wash the screen, many investment small white can not help but red eyes: think that he may become the next Buffett.

Xiaobai crowd is the main battlefield of this year. In the past, the users mainly gathered in the financial community and had high-frequency trading behavior, belonging to the high net worth group. At present, the biggest demand of the white people is literacy, and the educational demand in cognition is far greater than that in financial investment.

This is also true of many financial education institutions: Xiaobais leeks are better harvested.

These users are not familiar with financial intelligence education, and they are also unfamiliar with investment and financing, Internet products and operation, but passively accept complicated information. However, most of them have a strong sense of anxiety about life and wealth. Under the influence of human marketing routines, they are likely to be targeted users with higher probability.

The specific routine process is about several steps: first, the 9.9 yuan drainage course, repeatedly selling anxiety, and then selling thousands of yuan of high-priced courses.

For users, the effect of selling courses with thousands of yuan will not be very good. Therefore, institutions will first sell small white courses of 0 yuan to 10 yuan to cultivate potential users, which is more efficient and economical than the course selling model of washing flow.

Taking the 12 yuan 12 day Xiaobai financial training camp of a business school as an example, a lot of online evaluations of class teachers are positive. I really feel that teachers are as responsible as class teachers in high schools, urging them to clock in to attend classes every day and assign homework after class.

The class teachers will also share some Xueba notes and cases of financial benefits obtained through the course in the circle of friends and wechat groups, and tell everyone that there will be rewards after learning. This lays the tone of the community atmosphere - learning community, and stimulates users desire to learn.

However, such a small white class content is too little, more full of beating chicken blood ingredients. In the course of one to one and a half hours a day, the useful knowledge points can be finished in five minutes, and the rest is to constantly inculcate the importance of financial management skills, explain basic concepts or sell anxiety according to the book, and who will earn how much money through advanced courses, and earn back tuition fees in two months.

The recruitment threshold of financial and commercial institutions is also low. A netizen once shared the process of interviewing class teachers in the business school. HR told him that teachers can take up their posts only after 7 days of training, and then send wechat information according to the template.

Of course, financial intelligence education institutions cant make money by these small white classes of 0 yuan, 9.9 yuan and 12 yuan, and the tuition fees of small courses cant even be filled in with the advertising expenses of public name. But Xiaobai class is just the beginning. In the second half of the course, the teacher began to sell thousands of yuan of advanced courses in the group.

Thousands of yuan of expensive courses have also exposed some problems.

Some students said that the teachers of advanced courses basically copy and paste the courses mechanically, and some students in the group asked questions, and their attitude was bad and ignored the questions. There is no atmosphere of small white class, and gradually the students seldom ask questions and interact with each other.

In addition to the difference in service, the students reported that the teaching quality of the advanced courses was too poor. The courses of several thousand yuan, including financial free operating system, financial statement analysis and business management skills, were recorded several years ago. The actual effect was not consistent with the publicity. The teacher in charge of the class only explained by copying and pasting, and their own knowledge was not solid.

Even when reporting for classes, many students said they didnt have money. The teacher would strongly recommend that they could use Huabei, credit card, Jingdong Baitiao, etc. to spend in installments.

All interpretation rights belong to the organization

In fact, the reason why all kinds of financial intelligence courses are so successful is that the institutions behind these courses know more about what they want and what they care about most than the users themselves.

The head teacher in charge of the conversion course will also accurately control the consumer psychology of the users. If a set of combination boxing comes down, the class completion rate is nothing at all. The story from zero income to financial freedom is just a catalyst for users to dream of sudden wealth.

As for the effect, no one can guarantee it.

Our 70 year olds can learn how to choose stocks, so its not difficult for young people. A class teacher replied.

In addition, teachers often recommend financial products with high yield in wechat group, such as overseas REITs real estate trust fund. The teacher said in the group that the yield of REITs is very high. You can see that the annual 9% cash dividend of XXX trust is very high, but in REITs, the return rate is only medium, and the high rate can reach about 20%

Why do teachers always mention stocks and REITs? Students said that the advanced course teacher will let students open a securities company account. But some media have already disclosed that the reason behind this move is that securities companies give advertising fees and commission share.

As for the REITs products recommended by the teacher, a senior fund practitioner said that there are very few pure REITs public funds that can be invested in China, and the cost performance ratio is extremely low. In addition to high requirements for overseas investment, overseas investment also involves payment collection. The comprehensive income of some products is similar to that of domestic banking assets.

According to the screenshots of wechat group released by some students, when users query the real estate trust products recommended by teachers in the group, they will be kicked out of the group at the first time.

There are also online financial quotient courses, in which some insurance financial products will be introduced, and even some insurance products that female users are more concerned about will be recommended.

In an online business school, Xiaobai promises to refund the fee within 3 days after the class starts. In the contract for advanced courses, there is also a requirement for refund. It also promises that within two days after obtaining the diploma, if you feel dissatisfied with the course, you can get a full refund.

However, this is not the case. Some students said that in fact, less than 10% of the students can get graduation certificates, and even only one or two students in an 80 person class can graduate.

That is to say, whether graduation or refund, all explanation rights belong to the organization, and all promises are bubbles.

Undeniably, with the development of the times, the importance of financial intelligence education is becoming higher and higher, and the opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore gold in this field also increase.

A partner of an investment institution has previously said: when the demand becomes more and more diversified, the education needs of the new generation of family users are personalized. Educational products that deeply meet the special needs of some user groups can produce high profit margins.

But if you want to do a good job in financial intelligence education, you can do well by copying and pasting network materials and sending dozens of recorded videos. Those who buy the course only learned a part of financial intelligence knowledge, and it is likely to be biased, thus ignoring the real meaning of financial intelligence.

On financial intelligence, there is a very reasonable saying: the so-called financial intelligence, the most important thing is not professional investment and financial management ability, but the correct attitude towards money. It will not become a slave to money, nor lose the freedom of choice because of lack of money.

Source of this article: Pencil track editor in charge: Guo Chenqi_ NBJ9931