Super slow bull also collapsed! 1.5 billion capital fled, rising for 10 months

 Super slow bull also collapsed! 1.5 billion capital fled, rising for 10 months

Multiple stocks fell continuously, with the worst stocks falling nearly 38% in two days

Yesterday, the end of the market flash collapse and stop of Kangyue technology, today opened again to stop. As of the mornings close, the stock closed at 11.62 yuan, down 15.43 per cent from yesterdays closing price. In the light of todays lowest price of 10.99 yuan and yesterdays high of 17.65 yuan, Kangyue technology has lost nearly 38% in two short trading days.

Yesterday evening, Kangyue technology announced that in the context of related shareholders avoiding voting, the companys major asset acquisition bills were still passed by a high vote at the general meeting of shareholders. Some analysts pointed out that through this major asset restructuring, Kangyue technology has successfully entered the pharmaceutical industry, with stable performance and strong anti cyclical pharmaceutical assets. The fundamentals will have significant changes, with a better track, and the company has a promising future. However, due to the recent poor trend of the pharmaceutical and biological plate, the companys share price has not been boosted, but there has been a trend of light death.

It is not only Kangyue technology, but also a number of stocks in recent years have shown a continuous downward trend. Including Jingji Zhinong, Rendong holding, Shagang shares, Yunnei power, etc. in addition, Duolun technology, Jianye shares and other stocks have experienced a high-level plunge.

It is worth noting that, after the sudden collapse of the limit at the end of yesterdays trading, Rendong holdings opened today with a one word limit. In the morning, more than 310000 orders were closed, with a capital of over 1.5 billion yuan, while the transaction amount in the early trading was only 4.2 million yuan. Rendong holdings is a super slow Bull Stock in the A-share market this year. Its share price once soared nearly three times this year. In the first ten months of this year, the monthly line was ten consecutive positive, and the monthly stock price rose for 10 consecutive months. And in the process of rising, the stock only recorded a limit board, most of the small positive slow bull trend.

Rendong holding month K line

The trend of bancassurance is strong today. By the end of the morning, the insurance sector was up 0.65%, while the banking sector was up 0.77%. Among them, Societe Generale Bank (20.230,0.47,2.38%) hit a new record, Ping An of China (88.170,0.92,1.05%) rose 1.05% in the morning, and the stock price was only a short distance from the historical high. It is worth mentioning that Ping An of China obtained net purchase of Shanghai Stock connect for 8 consecutive days, accumulating a net purchase of 3.33 billion yuan. Among them, the net purchase of Shanghai Stock connect was nearly 1.3 billion yuan yesterday.

Judging from the early trading, although the market was once lower, the northbound capital inflow continued. As of the midday closing, the inflow amount of Beishang capital was 4.2 billion yuan.

The capital outflow of Beishang was more than 1.5 billion yuan yesterday, but 549 shares were still increased. According to the number of increased shares and the closing price of yesterday, 27 stocks with an increase of more than 100 million yuan were held. Ping An of China obtained the highest amount of increase. The latest shareholding was 780 million shares, up 1.93% month on month. The market value of the increase was nearly 1.3 billion yuan, followed by Changan Automobile and China Taibao, with the increased market value of 500 million yuan and 444 million yuan respectively.

From the performance point of view, among the large-scale increase of shares held by Beishang capital yesterday, a total of 2 companies announced the performance forecast in 2020. Among them, the median net profit of duofuduo is expected to be 42.5 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 110%.

Beishang capital increased its holdings in the top stocks in terms of market value. In the past month, 5 companies were investigated by institutions, including Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., and 3 institutions were investigated during the period. According to the number of institutional researchers, Kangtai biology, XinHeCheng and Jushi of China are the ones with 51, 30 and 29 institutions participating in the survey. From the institutions participating in the research, among the above-mentioned stocks, a total of 3 stocks, including Kangtai biological, Shunfeng holding and China Jushi, have been investigated by overseas institutions in the past month.

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