67000 shareholders are stupid! More than one suspected Zhuangzu shares collapse and Qingdao seats smash violently

 67000 shareholders are stupid! More than one suspected Zhuangzu shares collapse and Qingdao seats smash violently

Daily trend of 3 flash and collapse stocks

For these three stocks in the early trading flash collapse limit, a large number of investors will be targeted at dealer shipping behavior. There are shareholders in the Rendong holding shares bar that Zhuang shares rise is real cattle, fall up is also very frightening ah.. In Yongding shares bar, some investors sigh: Zhuanggu ah, buy a chicken and dog in the low position, high quilt cover, this life can not turn over..

Shareholders point their spearhead at dealer shipping

In Jingji Zhinong stock bar, some investors said that it was like Zhongke entrepreneurship repeats.

For new investors, the name Zhongke venture may be strange. In the era when Zhuanggu was popular around 2000, Lv Liang, who assumed the pseudonym of Mr. K, joined hands with a number of institutions to conduct large-scale manipulation on Kandal (renamed Jingji Zhinong) in a few years. At most, he controlled 90% of the circulation plate of kangdal, and once renamed kangdar as Zhongke venture.

Daily trend of Jingji Zhinong from 1997 to 2003

However, with the improvement of the regulatory system and the value of investment concept, the large-scale behavior of sitting in the village like the case of Luliang has not happened in recent years.

Due to abnormal fluctuations in share prices, the three stocks were listed by the exchange yesterday (November 25). Judging from the seats on the list, there is no significant intersection between the trading seats of the three stocks, but the recent trends of some of them are also worthy of attention.

Rendong holdings yesterday afternoon flash collapse, limit, in the long and tiger list after hours, CAITONG securities Qingdao Branch, the first seller, carried out a large-scale intraday turnaround operation, buying 43031500 yuan and selling 57332600 yuan at the same time, of which the selling part accounted for 13.56% of the total transaction volume of individual stocks on that day.

The second seller was a Qingdao business department. Changjiang Securities Qingdao Yanan Third Road business department bought 10.6946 million yuan and sold 28.9618 million yuan at the same time.

In addition, the Qingdao branch seat of CAITONG securities, which appeared in Rendong holding and sold No.1 yesterday, also appeared on the selling list of another stock yesterday. In Kangyue technologys Dragon and tiger list yesterday, CAITONG securities Qingdao Branch was the second seller with a sales amount of 9.88 million yuan.

From the stock price trend, Kangyue technology yesterdays intraday trend is the same as that of Rendong holdings, both of which are the stock price of the afternoon flash crash limit (GEM stock decline limit is - 20%). In early trading today, Kangyue technology continued to decline, down 15.43% by midday.

And in the Jingji Zhinong dragon and tiger list yesterday, the sales side of Qingdao business department once again. CITIC Securities (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Qingdao Hong Kong East Road business department occupies a high position in the sales, with a sales amount of 50.6102 million yuan, accounting for 16.44% of the total transaction volume of Jingji Zhinong yesterday.

Jingji Zhinong dragon and tiger list on November 25

From this point of view, the funds behind the seats of several Qingdao regional business departments have had a great impact on the short-term stock price trend of Rendong holdings, Kangyue technology and Jingji Zhinong, and to a certain extent caused the flash collapse and limit of relevant stocks.

Three steps away from Zhuanggu

It is self-evident that Zhuanggu has a destructive effect on small and medium-sized shareholders wallets. Investors can identify them according to the following three steps: 1

One is to look at the circulation plate. The general circulation of Zhuang shares is low, which is conducive to the rapid control of the market.

Although the stock prices of Jingji Zhinong and Yongding shares rose significantly before the flash crash, the latest circulating market values of the two companies were only 10.656 billion yuan and 8.475 billion yuan respectively, far below the average level of all a shares (about 15 billion yuan).

The second is to look at the trading volume. Zhuanggu general turnover, turnover rate are very low.

Rendong shares have risen more than 200% since their February lows. However, during this period, the average daily turnover rate of the companys stocks was only 1.16%, indicating that a large number of circulating chips had been controlled by the makers. As a reference, the average daily turnover rate of all a shares during the same period was 4.02%.

The most intuitive feeling is that the trend of market makers generally ignores the market, and the stock price hardly adjusts in the process of bookmakers raising; in the process of dealers distributing chips, the stock price often appears zigzag vibration or sudden collapse and limit.

Since February, the share price of Rendong Holdings has been almost in line with the 5-day moving average. No matter how the market index fluctuates during this period, the rising trend of Rendong holdings will not be affected.

Yongding shares in November 3 to 24, the share price crazy 16 consecutive positive, the same ignore the market shock, and the daily line shape is almost the same.

Source: Shanghai Securities News Editor in charge: Guo Chenqi_ NBJ9931