South Korean film Pirates 2 staff confirmed that the new crown crew has not been suspended

 South Korean film Pirates 2 staff confirmed that the new crown crew has not been suspended

According to a person familiar with the situation, after the diagnosis, the special effects staff confirmed that it was the new coronavirus pneumonia on the set of SBS TV series Korean Exorcist after diagnosis, and his last visit to Pirates: Ghost flag was on January 18. Because of this, Pirate: Ghost flag crew did not stop shooting, but in case, the special effects team staff The test results will be released today.

Pirates: Ghost flag is a sequel to Pirates: Mountain bandits in the sea which mobilized 8.66 million audiences in 2014. The cast of the film is very strong. It is starred by famous artists such as Wu Shixun, Jiang He Na, Han Xiaozhou and Li Guangzhu. It will be filmed in July this year and will be released next year.

Recently, a number of South Korean drama groups have been shut down because of the new crown infection, including the recently popular TV series top floor.

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Several South Korean dramas have confirmed that the shooting of new crown has been suspended, including the hit drama top floor

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24 that according to South Korean media, many South Korean drama troupes have confirmed the new crown and suspended filming, including the attic and my spy which are on the air, as well as the upcoming river with the moon rising, BaoFan, snow drop flower, Sisyphus, hush and King Zheren, etc., with a total of 10 plays.

Several South Korean drama groups have confirmed the new crown stop shooting

A novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first group to be diagnosed. The group show had previously overlapped with the other crews confirmed group shows moving route, so he was examined and diagnosed during the examination. After learning about this, we stopped all the filming according to the epidemic prevention policy and followed the instructions of the epidemic prevention authorities. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now being played in a single play. We told that the staff and actors who had overlapping their routes should immediately undergo the new crown pneumonia examination. We will do our best to stop the spread of the epidemic and ensure the safety of the actors and staff.

Still photos of TV drama top floor

Although we are not the main actors or staff, we are paying attention to epidemic prevention in order not to affect the shooting as much as possible, said a TV station related person.

Many South Korean drama troupes have confirmed that the new crown has been suspended from shooting, including the hit TV series top floor into a close contact with the new crown! TVB male star implicates 205 artists for testing. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019