Zhang Xinyus neck sprain worries about the influence on the hosts article

 Zhang Xinyus neck sprain worries about the influence on the hosts article

There are many netizens in the comments for her advice, hope that she recover early, but also netizens expressed curiosity, what program host?

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There is a kind of plastic surgery called marriage less than 2 years: He Jie or that he Jie, Zhang Xinyu is quite different (source: ~)

Zhang Xinyu disclosed the eight groups of diss anonymously: is nobody in charge?

To Zhang Xin

Netease Entertainment reported on October 30. On October 29, Zhang Xinyu posted an article on the social platform, saying frankly: I really hate what eight groups, and questioned: is there no one in charge of that place? Its too much for anyone to knock a few words? Do you think its safe to type at home?

In response, fans in the comments area echoed that this kind of anonymous disclosure led to no cost of rumors, and praised sister dare to say.. But soon after, Zhang Xinyu deleted the statement.

Zhang Xinyu herself has always been very dare to say that she had talked about her views on why actresses want to lose weight so hard. She said she had experienced the stage of being fat. At that time, the photos of the activities were used to ridicule. Not only did fashion brands feel that they were not fashionable enough, but also the comment that the waist is bigger than the male owner appeared, which was very hurtful.

Zhang Xinyu also appealed to everyone not to be too strict about the actresss fatness and thinness. The shape of an actor can be changeable. The beauty of skin is just a pure heart after all.

But it was questioned by netizens, artists want to make money but cant keep fit? Later, Zhang Xinyu replied to her netizens that she didnt eat dinner to control her figure most of the time. She also revealed that she had tried to lose 8 Jin a month. Im also very willing to control weight and weight quickly for my character, which is my scope of work. She just said, dont scold people for being fat and thin. finally, she said that she just wanted to chat, but she attracted a burst of sarcasm.

On September 29, Zhang Xinyu wrote a sentiment on the social platform, saying: in the past, I believed that taking a step back would make the world prosperous, but now I think that stepping back will push my nose and face. Later, Zhang Xinyu left a message in the comment area: seeing this sentence, I feel that this is the true meaning.

Zhang Xinyu: no one is in charge of it? Zhang Xinyu and her husbands family take a picture of He Jie, a volunteer army fighting US aggression and aiding Korea. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019