Zhu Zhiwen denied cheating, tax evasion and other rumors that he had been threatened by the informant

 Zhu Zhiwen denied cheating, tax evasion and other rumors that he had been threatened by the informant

Zhang Xiaolei said in the disclosure that Zhu Zhiwen cheated female fans were asked for 500000 yuan by the other party, and finally gave 50000 yuan to recognize the planting, in order to avoid 100000 love donations, she fled by train all night, disliked his wifes silly and ugly and evaded taxes. Although Zhang Xiaolei said in the article, it seems that every material is enough to kill Zhu Zhiwen, but did not take out direct evidence to prove the authenticity of the disclosure.

Zhang Xiaolei said that one night, Zhu Zhiwen called him for help and said that someone wanted to blackmail him 500000 yuan. Zhang Xiaolei was thrilled and asked the reason. Zhu Zhiwen revealed that a female fan said he liked him to stay for a night, but he was caught. Zhang Xiaolei scolded Zhu Zhiwen and told him to call the police. As a result, the female fan heard that he wanted to call the police and immediately changed her mouth to 50000 yuan Its a dead end when you pay for it.

Not only that, Zhang Xiaolei also revealed that Zhu Zhiwen got married in his thirties. Now his wife divorced once. When he first went on a blind date, he disliked her as ugly and stupid. In fact, he had long wanted to get a divorce, but he was afraid that the divorce would have an impact on his reputation.

It is reported that on November 9, 2020, Zhang Xiaolei also claimed that he was Zhu Zhiwens benefactor, because he and Zhu Zhiwen were fellow townsmen, and had been the director of parents under heaven of Shandong satellite TV. The earliest famous video was recommended by Zhang Xiaolei to various platforms, including going to Xingguang Avenue, which was also led by Zhang Xiaolei. These information have been reported by the media.

Later, a reporter contacted Zhu Zhiwen himself, and he told the reporter: the informant (Zhang Xiaolei) was the one who contacted me after I became famous. He asked me to sign some terms, that is, to act as my personal we media number. I have never signed it. He once threatened me and said, if you dont sign for half an hour, I will explode your information.

For the content of the information disclosed on the Internet, Zhu Zhiwen told reporters: its all made up. I cried when I was watching children with leukemia. The donations can be checked. The tax authorities can check my tax evasion. As for the affair of female fans who have been cheating, Zhu Zhiwen denied that once, after a performance, a female fan came down and hugged me, and there was nothing..

For this disclosure, Zhu Zhiwen said that he would contact lawyers to take legal procedures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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