Three brothers of car making brake and anti epidemic unit rising rapidly! 6G technology layout in time

 Three brothers of car making brake and anti epidemic unit rising rapidly! 6G technology layout in time

In his Thanksgiving speech, U.S. President-elect Biden said that unlike the trump administration, he will lead and coordinate the national response to the virus, and his government will add new crown tests after taking office. Stimulated by this statement, most of the anti epidemic concept stocks in the United States rose, Moderna rose 10.78%, Novavax medicine rose 7.63%, and biontech rose 3.03%.

U.S. energy stocks fell across the board, with ExxonMobil down 2.86%, Chevron down 3.63%, ConocoPhillips down 1.73%, Schlumberger down 0.58% and occidental down 0.3%. Most banking stocks fell, with JPMorgan down 1.04%, Goldman Sachs down 0.33%, Citigroup flat, Morgan Stanley down 0.17%, Bank of America up 0.17%, Wells Fargo down 0.07%.

Led by technology stocks, the NASDAQ index rose to a new high. Most of the large technology stocks in the United States rose. Apple Rose 0.75%, Amazon rose 2.15%, NYSE soared 0.44%, Google rose 0.01%, Facebook fell 0.48%, and Microsoft closed flat.

It is worth noting that the upstarts of electric vehicles, which have just experienced a sharp rise a few days ago, have encountered setbacks today. Xiaopeng automobile fell by 9.17%, ideal car fell by 7.37%. Only Weilai rose slightly by 0.36% with the strength of the last session. The total market value of the three companies dropped by more than 7 billion US dollars.

Demand for detection of Xinguan epidemic is expected to increase

With the US President-elect Bidens statement, US anti epidemic stocks rose sharply, indicating that the market is optimistic about the future performance of relevant stocks. After all, apart from China, there are few places in the world that can supply hundreds of millions of epidemic detection reagents and equipment.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the 60 million 680 thousand novel coronavirus pneumonia in the world, with a total of 1 million 426 thousand deaths. Among them, the US has a total of 13 million 105 thousand people diagnosed, accounting for 21.6%. In the United States, the number of new cases in a single day is constantly breaking records, with 177504 new confirmed cases and 2281 new deaths.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia detection shares are A shares, with a total value of 638 billion 100 million yuan, the latest stock market share of the 24 shares. In the first three quarters, the related concept stocks achieved good performance, 20 shares increased year on year, and 9 stocks doubled their performance growth. Among them, the performance growth of Daan gene, shuoshi biology and Oriental biology exceeded 10 times.

Chinas 6G R & D started last year

Cui Baoguo, a professor of Journalism and communication at Tsinghua University, said at the summit forum of 5g and the transformation of media industry at the world 5g Conference on November 25 that Tsinghua University had started the 6G experiment with the Danish project group at the end of last year.

It is reported that as early as November 3, 2019, the Ministry of science and technology, together with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the natural science foundation of China, held a kick-off meeting on 6G technology research and development in Beijing. The conference announced the establishment of a national 6G technology R & D promotion working group and an overall expert group, marking the official launch of Chinas 6G technology research and development work, which is basically consistent with the time when Tsinghua University has started the 6G test. As a high generation technology of 5g, 6G will have more and more technical indicators. The new indicators will form 6G together with data rate, connection number, delay, energy efficiency and other indicators, and may also use metamaterial technologies such as quantum and terahertz.

It is understood that if 6G wants to build a network to realize the integration of air, sky, earth and sea, the data transmission rate is 100 times faster than 5g, and everything can be simulated. Since the official launch of 6G research and development last year, domestic research and development of 6G has made great progress. In addition to Tsinghua University, the worlds first 6G test satellite University of Electronic Science and technology (satellite era-12 / Tianyan 05) was successfully launched into the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in early November, which indicates that the domestic 6G research has made a breakthrough progress.

In addition to universities and other research institutions, Huawei, with its global leading communication technology, is also carrying out pre research on 6G technology. In the first half of the year, Yang Tao, vice president of Huaweis China operator business department, revealed that Huawei has been participating in the pre research work related to 6G, which mainly uses millimeter wave band, and is in the stage of scene mining and technology search. In addition, ZTE team is also in the process of developing 6G.

Excluding Chinese enterprises and establishing 6G alliance in the United States

The United States is also taking the lead in 6G R & D. According to foreign media reports, the American Telecommunications Industry Association has launched the 6G alliance, which is led by the American Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance (ATIS). Qualcomm, Microsoft, Facebook and at & T are all founding members of the alliance. Samsung and Nokia have also become members of the alliance. Apple and Google have also joined the alliance recently. Judging from the list, there are both American enterprises, European and Korean enterprises, but Huawei and ZTE, which are powerful in 5g, are not included. ATIS chief executive Miller said that any enterprise excluded by the federal government could not be a founding member of the alliance. Huawei and ZTE were not allowed to join the alliance.

At present, teams in China and the United States are closely promoting the research and development of 6G technology. Some analysts say that if Biden does not ease the tension between China and the United States after taking office, two sets of 6G standards may appear in China and the United States in the future. In the future, the competition between China and the United States for global standards may become a race against time.

The scale of 6G market is far more than 5g, and many listed companies have layout

Industry experts said that 5g will be a complete social intelligence system rather than a simple communication technology. What 6G wants to solve is ubiquitous computing. Therefore, it will be very difficult to bypass 5g to do 6G, and the possibility of success will be very small. Therefore, with its advantages in 5g construction, China is not backward at present and is likely to lead the global 6G technology direction.

The application scenarios of 6G planning are far beyond 5g, and the market scale in the future is far larger than 5g market. According to the prediction of China Mobile, by 2025, domestic 5g will boost the market scale of nearly 10 trillion yuan, and 6G will stimulate a larger market scale after it is officially put into commercial use. Of course, it will be quite a long time before 6G is formed into a network. According to Samsung white paper, the completion and commercialization of 6G standard may be realized as early as 2028, and large-scale commercialization may be realized around 2030.

According to the data bank, the number of 6G concept stocks in the A-share market is not large. According to incomplete statistics, there are only 20 stocks, with the latest market value of 523.7 billion yuan. The market value of ZTE, TCL technology, China Satcom, Xinwei communication and Zhongji xuchuang is more than 30 billion yuan.

Besides Huawei, ZTE has the strongest R & D strength in Chinas communication technology, and now it has a layout in 6G technology. According to reports, its pre research team has already started the research on 6G, and is working hard to tackle key technologies of 6G prototypes. ZTE believes that if 5g is the interconnection of all things, 6G will add a word of wisdom, that is, intelligence connects all things. At present, ZTE has established cooperation with more than 500 partners at home and abroad in the application of 5g industry. Xinwei Communications said that it will keep up with the development of communication technology and continue to participate in the communication network construction of 6G and subsequent new technologies.

Remote information has revealed that it has 6G related terahertz spectrometer technology. Huaxun ark successfully made the worlds first graphene terahertz chip, and the terahertz technology industry major project was settled in xiongan in 2017.

Statement: all information in data bank does not constitute investment advice. Stock market is risky and investment should be cautious. Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368

Statement: all information in data bank does not constitute investment advice. Stock market is risky and investment should be cautious.