Map copyright disputes continue, four dimensional map new, Baidu do not give in

 Map copyright disputes continue, four dimensional map new, Baidu do not give in

Baidu and SVD (002405. SZ) do not give in to each other..

According to the announcement, baidu filed a lawsuit with the peoples Court of Haidian District, Beijing on October 23, 2020 over copyright infringement and unfair competition disputes with four-dimensional Zhilian and four-dimensional tuxin. The plaintiff Baidu company asked the defendants Siwei Zhilian and siweituxin to immediately stop infringing the copyright and unfair competition of the two plaintiffs electronic map works, including but not limited to immediately stopping on the computer The behavior of using Baidu companys electronic map works and related services on mobile terminal and terminal. At the same time, a statement was published on the front page of the newspaper and on the official website, and a compensation of 90 million yuan was made.

It is reported that Baidu company believes that the use of copyright map works by Siwei Zhilian and Siwei tuxin without permission constitutes copyright infringement; it improperly plunders the competitive opportunity that should belong to the plaintiff, weakens the plaintiffs competitive advantage, destroys the market competition order and constitutes unfair competition.

On the evening of the same day, svetsunt disclosed the progress of another case.

On October 23, siweituxin filed a lawsuit against Baidu company again, holding that Baidu company launched a mobile phone application Baidu carlife with vehicle terminal navigation function in January 2015, and used the map works involved in the case provided by Siwei tuxin to the vehicle related application; in September 2014, it launched the mobile application Baidu navigation with vehicle mode, which was also used Four dimensional map works involved in the case, and provide services to the public through vehicle related applications.

Based on this, siweituxin believes that the defendant Baidus behavior violated the contract, exceeded the scope of authorization of the cooperation agreement, and seriously violated the rights of signature, reproduction and information network communication of its map works. Its claims include a public apology from Baidu and compensation of 100 million yuan.

In fact, Siwei tuxin and Baidu have clashed on the copyright of map works for many times in recent years.

On November 21, SVD disclosed the announcement that it won the first instance of disputes over copyright infringement and unfair competition with Baidu company. Baidu company was sentenced to immediately stop infringing on the Baidu map website version, Baidu map IOS version, Baidu map 3android version, Baidu carlife IOS version, Baidu carlife Android version and Baidu navigation Android version For the copyright behavior of new related graphic works, we apologized and compensated 64.5 million yuan.

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