Tesla plans to build a plant in China to produce charging piles! A share plate will take off?

 Tesla plans to build a plant in China to produce charging piles! A share plate will take off?

Coincidentally, a few days ago, the State Energy Administration issued a reply to the recommendation No. 9637 of the third session of the 13th National Peoples Congress. In the reply to the proposal on accelerating the development of comprehensive energy services, the State Energy Administration will further support the planning, construction and application of charging infrastructure and energy storage for new energy vehicles.

In October, Mao Weiming, chairman of the State Grid of China, also said that the State Grid will focus on such fields as ultra-high voltage, charging pile and digital new infrastructure. It is estimated that the investment in power grid and related industries will exceed 6 trillion yuan during the 14th Five Year Plan period. On November 22, State Grid Electric Vehicle Company of State Grid of China announced that its smart Internet of vehicles platform has been connected to more than 1.03 million charging piles, which has become the most extensive charging pile network in the world with the largest number and service capacity.

Resonance at home and abroad, sun Keyao said, Chinas battery and battery material enterprises that have entered the global supply chain are expected to benefit significantly from the dividend of global electrification acceleration.

In terms of capital, driven by the rapid rise of new energy vehicle companies in the U.S., A-share industry chain segments related to new energy vehicles, such as complete vehicles, lithium batteries and charging piles, rose sharply one after another. For the subdivision plate of charging pile, Su Chen, an analyst of China Thailand securities, pointed out that the construction of charging pile lags behind the expansion of electric vehicle ownership. At present, the global trend of automobile electrification is clear, and domestic electric vehicles are in a clear situation The current charging pile construction is still lagging behind, and the construction space of the future industry is still broad.

The financial association sorted out the core concept of charging pile, and its target stocks included oterson, treade and inkray, and Wuyang parking Co., Ltd. said on interactive e-commerce a few days ago that Changan parking, a subsidiary of Changan parking, has signed a business cooperation agreement with Tesla on charging pile business, including providing special charging parking spaces for Changan parking and charging equipment for Tesla.

Source: Science and technology innovation board daily editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368