Private placement of 10 billion at the end of the year

 Private placement of 10 billion at the end of the year

According to a person from the business department of a large securities firm in South China, recently, a 10 billion private placement product in Shanghai has been sold through its channels, with 3 million starting and 3-year lock-in, and customers are actively subscribing.

A private personage of a large commercial bank told the securities times that several private placements with 10 billion yuan have been selling well recently. A new 10 billion private placement has sold more than 7 billion yuan in one breath, and the company scale has grown to nearly 20 billion yuan.

A 10 billion private equity firm in Beijing said it had recently sold about 5 billion yuan in several channels. When we raised funds, we always had a quota. This time, we continued to market the old products, released some quotas and soon sold them out.

The reporter noted that many of the 10 billion private placement sales are products with a closed period.

To sell products with closed period, one is to let customers hold them for a long time through investor education; the other is to have more confidence in our investment. Through two or three years of value investment, choosing a good company can give investors better returns. Beijing 10 billion private market said.

At the same time, there are more restrictions on private sales recently. We select one or two channels at a time to limit a certain amount and control the scale. Because big capital comes in, investment difficulty will increase A 10 billion private equity market manager said.

Product sales are booming, and some private placement has chosen sealing.

At present, many excellent investment managers under the 10 billion private placement company have closed their plates after selling a batch of new products. We also intend to suspend the subscription after this fundraising.

Of course, there are special reasons. A senior director of private equity market said that many banks have used the good start policy in advance to lock in customers, and it is expected that there will be a large amount of fund-raising in December.

The reporter learned that this year, the private placement business of commercial banks has developed rapidly. For example, in the first nine months, the sales volume of standardized equity private equity products of Industrial Bank reached 18.5 billion yuan.

A private personage of a large commercial bank said, the equity market is relatively good this year. The sales volume of private equity in the secondary market has increased greatly compared with last year, and the sales of our private equity products have doubled compared with last year. This year, we have mainly introduced two types of private placement, one is the traditional leading private equity manager, and the other is the former public offering tycoon running private.

From the record situation, a lot of private placement to fight before the end of the year. Since November, tens of new products have been put on record in 10 billion private placements such as Jinglin asset, HeXie Huiyi asset, Lingjun investment and Mingyi investment. According to data from the fund industry association, Jinglin assets has recorded 34 private equity funds since November.

Harmony Huiyi asset, founded by Lin Peng, a well-known public private fund manager, recorded 27 private equity funds in November. At present, the number of products under the company has reached 38.