The Dow breaks through 30000 points, QDII fund gains more than 90percent

 The Dow breaks through 30000 points, QDII fund gains more than 90percent

A number of QDII funds that have seized the opportunities in the US and Hong Kong stock markets have achieved outstanding results. The yield of QDII fund, the best performing fund so far this year, has exceeded 90%, which is the highest yield of QDII fund in 13 years. Huitianfus global consumption of US dollar spot exchange had a yield of 93.08% as of November 24, and that of GF Globals selected US dollar spot exchange (as of November 23) was 91.22%.

In the history of QDII fund, the return rate of QDII fund is less than 50%. Between 2012 and 2019, there was only one performance champion whose yield exceeded 50%. Although the performance of 2009 champion yield of 83%, but the overall performance is far worse than this year.

Industry insiders believe that this years equity QDII funds have achieved record performance, mainly due to the better performance of the U.S. stock market with more equity QDII distribution. Data show that as of November 25, the US NASDAQ index and the S & P 500 have risen by 34.15% and 12.52% this year.

In fact, affected by the epidemic this year, the overseas market fluctuates greatly. In particular, the outbreak spread around the world in March. The U.S. stocks were blown out four times in a short period of time, and the prices of crude oil and other commodities fell sharply, causing panic in the global market. At that time, the performance of QDII fund was very sad.

A QDII fund manager said that the global epidemic situation is severe, the United States and other major economies have adopted historical easing policies, and the global liquidity easing situation has emerged. A large proportion of this part of liquidity has entered the financial market of the United States, which has led to the rebound of US stocks. Superimposed on the signs of recovery in the US economy, the market is climbing.

A fund manager in Shenzhen said that American technology giants did not suffer too much impact in the black swan incident. Instead, digital economy, medical technology and other sectors have become the beneficiaries of the epidemic and have driven the market to strengthen.

Noan foundation said that if the vaccine is successfully promoted, the recovery process of overseas economy will be accelerated. Retail consumption and services in the United States have returned to pre epidemic levels, but industrial output is still far lower after a small rebound. The repeated overseas outbreaks mainly affect supply rather than demand, resulting in the expansion of the gap between production and demand. If the continued vaccine can be successfully launched and popularized rapidly, the process of returning to work of European and American enterprises will be significantly accelerated. Under the background of fiscal policy support and Christmas Day approaching, consumer demand will remain strong and the recovery of overseas economy will be accelerated by the recovery of industrial output. In this context, we are optimistic about the offline retail, service and other consumer industries that have suffered more from the overseas epidemic, as well as pro cyclical, financial and other sectors benefiting from economic recovery. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the demand resonance under the synchronous recovery of the global economy after the introduction of the vaccine, as well as the driving space for the price of cyclical products.