Trust companies follow the window guidance: reducing the scale of financing business must be completed

 Trust companies follow the window guidance: reducing the scale of financing business must be completed

Supervision department supervises the completion

20% pressure drop task

In March this year, the CBRC of various regions conveyed the trust supervision requirements of 2020 to the trust companies under their jurisdiction. One of the key points is to continuously reduce the trust financing business with the characteristics of shadow banking, and formulate a compression plan for financing trust.

According to the regulatory departments plan at the beginning of the year, the industry will drop 1 trillion yuan of financing trust business with the characteristics of shadow banking in 2020.

By the middle of the year, a number of trust companies received window guidance from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) to clarify the specific scale of the companies active management financing trust.

A source once told a reporter of the securities times, according to the proportion of trust companies actively managing financing trust in the total industry, specific instructions are issued. Based on the scale of active management financing trust of each company at the end of 2019, the pressure drop ratio of each company is about 20%, and each company receives specific pressure drop value.

Securities Times reporters learned that the end of the year is approaching, in order to ensure that the annual goal of reducing the trillion yuan of financing trust is achieved, many companies have received window guidance from regulatory authorities.

A number of trust company related people admitted that their company received the window guidance content of must complete the annual pressure drop task.. Two weeks ago, we received regulatory requirements to measure whether the target of pressure drop of financing trust can be achieved. Due to the great pressure drop of our company, the pressure drop target can be achieved. A trust company said.

It is worth mentioning that due to the situation that some trust companies have poor pressure drop in financing business, they are required to suspend financing business in this window guidance.

According to the reporter of the securities times, since the second half of the year, many banking and insurance regulatory bureaus have continuously monitored the situation of trust companies in their jurisdiction to reduce the financing trust. Some companies with over speed business have been ordered to suspend their financing business several months ago.

The financing business of our company has been suspended for four months. At present, all of our financing business has turned to investment business, and it is expected to reopen next year. According to a person from a medium-sized trust company.

Stepwise pressure drop is a continuous operation

Since 2018, the de channel of the trust industry has achieved remarkable results, and the scale of channel business has declined rapidly since the peak at the end of 2017. However, the rapid growth of financing trust business in 2019 has attracted the attention of regulatory authorities.

At the end of the year, the trust companies were confused with the trust companies in the financing market. On the contrary, the trust companies reputation was confused with the trust companies reputation in the end of 2019, which led to the confusion of the trust companies reputation and even the trust companies reputation u3002

In the middle of this year, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the CBRC said that the transformation and development of trust companies is a gradual process, and it will also be a continuous work to reduce the illegal financing trust business. Therefore, the regulatory policy will not stop the trust companies from carrying out financing trust business, but gradually reduce the scale of illegal financing business and promote its optimization of business structure until the trust company can rely on the original business to support its operation and development. In the future, the trust business of financing will be carried out by trust companies with standardized management, strong risk control ability and strong capital strength, so as to ensure that the entrusted duties are in place and the business risks are controllable, so as to truly realize the seller is responsible and the buyer is responsible.