Li Keqiang: it is impossible for China to close the door to carry out construction

 Li Keqiang: it is impossible for China to close the door to carry out construction

Affected by the epidemic this year, we can only talk through video. Im sorry I cant have lunch or dinner with you, but we have a deep communication together, which can be said to be a spiritual dinner. In his opening remarks, Li Keqiang said, China is studying and considering the next step of economic work and preparing the outline of the 14th five year plan. We welcome more valuable suggestions from heads of international economic institutions.

It is impossible for China to close the door to carry out construction

Li Keqiang said that at present, trade protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise, and multilateralism has indeed been impacted or even threatened. It can be said that it is going through a test. However, we should be aware that the international order based on international law and the situation in which international organizations play an international coordinating role have not fundamentally changed since World War II.

In the face of challenges, the international community should unite, cooperate and work hand in hand. The general trend of economic globalization is irreversible, and open cooperation is still the trend of the times. The premier said, China has been deeply integrated into the world economy. It can be said that you have me, I have you. . It is impossible to close the door to carry out construction.

Li Keqiang pointed out that multilateral institutions, especially major international economic institutions, play an irreplaceable and important role in world economic development.

China actively participates in the activities organized by multilateral institutions, including planning macroeconomic policies, studying and proposing development goals, etc., and will carefully analyze the reports of major international economic institutions, and will also refer to these reports in judging the international situation. He said.

Li Keqiang said that with a view to the post epidemic era, China is willing to strengthen cooperation with major international organizations on a broader and deeper level, support major international organizations to continue to play an important role in the global governance system, jointly promote global development and enhance the well-being of people of all countries.

The principle of equal treatment must be implemented in Chinas vast land

In response to a question on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment for all kinds of enterprises, Li Keqiang said that as long as enterprises registered in China, whether domestic or foreign capital, state-owned or private enterprises, are treated equally and provide a fair competition environment, this principle will only be further strengthened in the continuous implementation.

Li Keqiang said frankly that it is inevitable for China, such a large country, to have such or other case problems. But if we look back, China has been making progress in treating all kinds of enterprises with equal treatment over the past 40 years of reform and opening up. China has always welcomed enterprises from all over the world to invest in China.

China remains a hot spot for foreign investors. Despite Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic this year, attracting foreign investment in many parts of China is still growing. The premier said, your major international economic institutions have close ties with investors in many developed countries. If they reflect any problems to you, whether they are general or individual, they can be raised. We will solve the problem according to law and regulations.

Li Keqiang stressed: the principle of equal treatment must be implemented in Chinas vast land.