Na Zhis new high! Teslas massive recall in the US

 Na Zhis new high! Teslas massive recall in the US

A record high for NASDAQ

By the end of the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.58% to 29872.47 points, and then fell slightly after breaking through 30000 points; the NASDAQ index rose 0.48% to 12094.40 points, a record closing high; the standard & Poors 500 index fell 5.76 points, or 0.16%, to 3629.65 points.

Most of the large technology stocks in the US rose, with apple up 0.75%, Amazon up 2.15%, NYSE soaring 0.44%, Google up 0.01%, Facebook down 0.48%, and Microsoft closed flat.

Most anti epidemic concept stocks in the United States rose, Moderna rose 10.78%, Gilead science fell 1.24%, Novavax medicine rose 7.63%, and biontech rose 3.03%.

Energy stocks fell across the board, with ExxonMobil down 2.86%, Chevron down 3.63%, ConocoPhillips down 1.73%, Schlumberger down 0.58% and occidental down 0.3%.

Popular zhonggai shares were up and down. Alibaba fell 0.82%, Jingdong fell 1.77%, pinduoduo fell 5.59%, baidu rose 1.22%; tuniu rose 24.3%, dada group rose 17.77%, and Yunji rose 14.92%.

In the new energy vehicles with a large increase in the early period, almost shares showed a correction, and Xiaopeng motor fell 9.17%, ideal car fell 7.37%, Weilai slightly increased by 0.36%.

But Tesla, whose market value exceeded 500 billion yuan the day before, continued to rise, rising 3.35% by the end of the day, reaching a record high, with a market value of 544.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 17.7 billion US dollars compared with the previous day.

According to the national highway traffic safety administration, Tesla applied to recall 9136 model X and 401 model y vehicles from the U.S. region.

It is understood that researchers from the University of Leuven informed Tesla of the problem on August 17 this year. After confirming the existence of security vulnerabilities, Tesla has begun to repair the security vulnerabilities, and paid the relevant researchers who found the security vulnerabilities with bonuses.

Minutes of fed meeting: worried about economic recovery

At 3 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday, the Federal Reserve released the minutes of its November 4-5 monetary policy meeting.

Fed officials said the current rate of buying helped the financial environment, but also pointed out that adjustments could be made if necessary. But the discussion did not say when it would be adjusted, only that it could be fairlysoon..

The commission can provide more facilities where appropriate, by speeding up the pace of purchases, or by transferring assets to a longer period without increasing the scale of the purchase, or by extending the duration of the purchase.

At the same time, the Federal Reserve also expressed concern about the pace of economic recovery, believing that the economic outlook tends to decline and is far from the level before the epidemic. Fed officials dont expect to issue any fiscal support by the end of the year, but tax data show that most states and cities are not as bad as some people fear.

According to data released by the U.S. Department of labor on November 25, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time was 778000 in the week ending November 21, higher than the 730000 people expected by the market. This is the second consecutive week of increase in the number of people applying for unemployment benefits in the United States, and the first consecutive increase since July. According to the news agency, this shows that the epidemic has hindered the economic recovery, and the U.S. economic rebound has slowed down from the high speed in the third quarter.