Hong Kong supports the policy address: revitalizing the economy and helping Hong Kong to start again

 Hong Kong supports the policy address: revitalizing the economy and helping Hong Kong to start again

Chen zhisi, convener of the non official member of the Executive Council, said that we are very pleased with the central governments strong support for Hong Kong. Hong Kongs status as an international financial center, an international shipping hub and an international innovation and Research Center will be consolidated and developed. In addition, the housing problem of Hong Kong peoples concern is expected to be alleviated, and environmental protection, art and technology will also be developed. All our non official members are willing to support and help the chief executive to implement the above policies in the future.

The heads of the six disciplined services in Hong Kong expressed their support for the policy address. The Commissioner of police, Mr Tang Bingqiang, said that he would lead the police force and other disciplinary forces to enforce the law strictly, work together to safeguard the security of the country and Hong Kong, and strive to make Hong Kong one of the safest cities in the world.

The policy address was appreciated by a number of organized political groups. The Hong Kong Democratic Alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong said that the policy address proposed to speed up the integration of Hong Kongs economy into the Greater Bay area, promote the development of Hong Kongs financial, legal, creative and professional services industries, broaden the development space for young people, effectively assist small and medium-sized enterprises to further explore the mainland market, and the direction of economic development is correct.

The Hong Kong Federation of economic and peoples livelihood said that Hong Kongs integration into the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, the development of scientific and technological innovation, the promotion of youth employment, and the absorption of overseas talents are conducive to the revitalization of Hong Kongs economy. Huang Guojian, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Federation of trade unions, believes that if the measures of comprehensive integration with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao can be implemented, Hong Kong will have a bright future.

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission said it welcomed and supported the measures proposed in the policy address to further deepen the interconnection between the mainland and Hong Kong financial markets. Leitianliang, chairman of the CSRC, said that the expansion of the scope of qualified securities under the market interconnection mechanism will not only help consolidate Hong Kongs position as an international financial center, but also enhance Hong Kongs competitiveness. The CSRC will continue to work closely with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in order to implement the relevant measures.

The TDC welcomes the relevant economic support measures proposed in the policy address and believes that they will help SMEs out of their current difficulties. Chairman Lin Jianyue said that the TDC supported the chief executive in launching a number of measures to support Hong Kong enterprises in finding new ways. It would also cooperate with the work of the SAR government to help small and medium-sized enterprises enter the mainland market through the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, support the digital transformation of enterprises and seek global business opportunities.

The chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr Pang Yiu Ka, said that the HKTB would like to thank the SAR government for providing additional support to the local tourism industry. Hong Kongs tourism industry is facing a very severe business environment. I believe that the relevant measures will help solve the urgent needs of the industry. In addition, the HKTB supports a number of measures to promote the long-term development of the tourism industry, such as the leapfrog Hong Kong Island South plan proposed in the policy address. It believes that when cross-border tourism is restored, it will be conducive to attracting tourists to Hong Kong and promoting the recovery of the tourism industry.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been plagued by Hongkongs health care industry this year. The medical and health circles welcomed the measures put forward in the policy address on medical services. The chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Mr Fan Hung Ling, said that thanks to the support of the SAR government for public medical services, the HA will further explore measures such as the provision of remote medical services to improve the quality of public medical services and strengthen the support for patients.