Behind the birds nest in 1 yuan sugar water: Wang Hai and Simba have been fighting for many times. Its time to take delivery of live broadcast

 Behind the birds nest in 1 yuan sugar water: Wang Hai and Simba have been fighting for many times. Its time to take delivery of live broadcast

Recently, occupation Kwai man Wang Hai reported fast anchor anchor Simba live broadcast between the sale of fake birds nest, the cause of a lot of attention. According to the test report released by Wang Hai, the content of sialic acid, sucrose and carbohydrate in Mingzhi brand birds nest sold by Simba teams live studio are 0.014 g / 100g, 4.8% and 5% respectively, which are free of protein and amino acid.

Wang Hai pointed out that according to the quality grade standard of birds nest, the protein content is about 30% to 50%, while Mingzhi birds nest is a flavor drink, which is essentially sugar water. The cost of each hundred grams (a bowl) by visual inspection, together with the packaging materials, contents, processing costs, and industrial costs, does not exceed 1 yuan.

In the face of Wang Hais query, Simba denied the accusation and responded that the quality inspection report provided by Wang Hai contains not only the sugar content that should be contained in rock sugar birds nest products, but also sialic acid, a component of birds nest. At the same time, Simba said that the anchor is based on the product information provided by the business. After the event, the product has been sent for inspection. If consumers are dissatisfied with the product, they can apply to Mingzhi for refund.

At present, the confrontation between Wang Hai and Simba is not over, and the discussion on the collection of IQ tax on birds nest and the chaos of live delivery are also continuing.

In an interview with 21cbr, Wang Hai said that in the live e-commerce environment, consumers are prone to impulsive consumption and have a weak sense of risk, while businesses are more covert in selling fake goods. Many products are directly removed from the shelves after they are sold in the live broadcasting room. Sometimes even shops and companies cant find them. Ordinary consumers are often cheated of tens or hundreds of yuan, and they are often hard to protect their rights and can only admit that they are unlucky.

It is difficult to distinguish the true and the false birds nest

Before judging the quality of Mingzhi birds nest sold by Simba, we need to know the true face of the birds nest. The core components of birds nest include protein, carbohydrate and sialic acid, among which about 50% is protein and 30% is carbohydrate. Sialic acid content is less than 15%, which is used as the core index to detect the quality of birds nest.

In the industry, the authenticity of birds nest is mainly based on the content of sialic acid and protein. It is widely recognized that the higher the sialic acid content, the better the quality of birds nest. However, the domestic birds nest market is relatively scattered and there is no unified national standard.

The quality of birds nest sold in the Simba studio was not caused by Wang Hai, but by the doubts of fans shortly after the sale of double 11. At that time, Simba took a tough attitude and unpacked it in the live broadcasting room. The test report showed that the sialic acid content of the birds nest was 74mg / kg. However, when Wang Hai released his second test report and pointed out that this birds nest product was sugar water, Simba team did not emphasize the test report in the first response.

In the view of the outside world, the crux of judging whether the quality of birds nest is qualified lies in which evaluation standard is adopted.

If the sialic acid content of birds nest products ranges from 0.006g/kg to 0.560g/kg according to GB / t30636-2014 standard, the data in Wang Hais and Simbas test reports meet the standard.

According to the standard of quality grade of birds nest (ght1092-2014), the content of sialic acid and protein should be at least 5% and 30% respectively. This means that both sialic acid and protein are not up to the standard in Mingzhi birds nest.

In an interview with 21cbr reporter, Wang Hai stressed that in the absence of national standards for birds nest, the purpose of inspection is not to investigate whether it meets the standard, but to determine the quality of the product. If a product is added with birds nest, it should be able to detect protein. If not, it means that it is not birds nest at all.

He pointed out to the reporter of 21cbr that the product type of Mingzhi birds nest was flavor beverage according to the enterprise standard, and the calcium lactate was clearly identified in the ingredient list. According to the national food safety standards, the scope of application of calcium lactate does not include flavor drinks, which means that the birds nest does not meet the food safety production standards.

Before Mingzhis birds nest, Wang Hai repeatedly targeted the brand xiaoxiandun, a brand of online Red Birds nest. The latter was represented by well-known actors Zhang Ziyi and Chen Shu. At the beginning of its establishment, it was invested by Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360. During the double 11 period of this year, the sales volume exceeded 465 million, with a year-on-year increase of 263%.

Wang Hai pointed out in his micro blog article that according to the ght1092-2014 quality grade of birds nest, the sialic acid content of Xiaoxian stewed birds nest product is 0.06g/100g, and the cost is about 30 cents, which is inconsistent with the official statement that every 100g contains about 5% of birds nest. In addition, he also suspected that marine fish collagen was added to the product, which was inconsistent with the 0 addition claimed by the enterprise. Therefore, Wang Hai believes that there are false advertisements and concealment of the real situation in Xiaoxian stewed birds nest.

Putting aside the false publicity of the products, Wang Hai also questioned the value of birds nest itself. Birds nest itself is a product that collects IQ tax. So far, all the efficacy of birds nest has remained in its advertising. Whether it is whitening, beautifying, or antivirus, there is no scientific verification.

Frequent live delivery problems

It is not the first time that Xinba Wangs article on Xinbas commercial affairs was released on the microblog in 2019.

In August 2019, Simba launched a Bentley brand moon cake in the studio, selling at 99 yuan a box. It had prepared 30000 pieces and sold half of them. Simba claims that he has signed an authorization and a contract with the manufacturer. However, after inquiry, Wang Hai found that the manufacturer of the moon cake was a food factory in Tangshan area of Hebei Province, and the so-called authorized person was a shell company registered in Hong Kong (with a registered capital of HK $10000), and the registered trademark number on the power of attorney of Bentley mooncake sold by Simba did not obtain the exclusive right to use the mainland trademark.

it happens that there is a similar case. At the same time last year, Wang Hai also pointed out that a toothpaste sold in the Simba live broadcasting room was claimed to be a listed company Jilin Aodong specializing in anti halitosis toothpaste, and the product patent belonged to Zhejiang Aishang daily necessities Co., Ltd., a toothpaste manufacturer.

To put it bluntly, it is Jilin Aodong science and Technology Co., Ltd., which is under the banner of Jilin Aodong, sold a trademark use right to Xin Youzhi as a cover. Wang Hai mentioned on his microblog that the main product of Taobao store in Zhejiang Aishang is only about 10 yuan, and the agent price is about 56 yuan according to the Convention, while Xin Youzhi Xuan has a legend that the original price is 98 yuan, the purchase price is 22 yuan, and the price is 29.99 yuan. Wang Hai believes that this is suspected of false propaganda.

In fact, the suspected false publicity of Simba live broadcasting room is only the tip of the iceberg in the chaos of live e-commerce.

When there are problems in product quality, many anchors tend to shift the responsibility to the merchants, but ignore the responsibility of their own product selection oversight. After the sugar water birds nest incident was exposed, Simba team stressed in the statement that the company only received part of the commission from Mingzhi flagship store, and did not involve any purchase and sales activities.

According to Wang Hai, the birds nest sold by Simba was sent for inspection only after being questioned, which exposed the loopholes in its selection. This shows that Simba does not send for inspection before selling, only according to the information and report provided by the manufacturer.

He told reporters that according to the law, the anchor selling fake products in the studio also needs to bear joint and several liability. Article 140 of the food safety law points out that if a social organization or other organization or individual recommends food to a consumer in a false advertisement or other false publicity, thus causing damage to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, it shall bear joint and several liability with the food producers and business operators.

Wang Hai puts forward three measures for consumers to avoid being reaped IQ tax:

First of all, it is necessary to refuse impulse consumption and maintain a questioning attitude towards the products in the studio; secondly, it is necessary to take the initiative to verify the main information of the manufacturer, as well as the product implementation standards and production license; finally, we can query the alternatives and identify the pros and cons of authenticity by comparing the competitive product information.

Policy supervision is also coming. On November 23, the State Administration of radio, film and television issued the notice on strengthening the management of live broadcast of network show and live broadcast of e-commerce, which requires that the head live broadcasting room, head anchor and account number should be focused on management, so as to improve the ability of screening and cracking down on data fraud. At the same time, it is required to carry out qualification examination and real name authentication for businesses and individuals who set up live delivery with goods, and shall not open live delivery service for businesses or individuals without qualification, real name or false name registration.