Star chaser girls photo studio squatting AI Dou is beaten and four staff members are sentenced

 Star chaser girls photo studio squatting AI Dou is beaten and four staff members are sentenced

The surging News reported on November 26 that Li Keer (not her real name) is a star chasing girl with full experience in squatting. Unexpectedly, she was robbed by a recent squatting in love bean.

During the squatting, Li Keer and other three women quarreled with the staff, four of them turned off the monitoring, punched and kicked three girls, and threw their mobile phones and SLR cameras into the river.

On November 25, the surging news reporter learned from the peoples Procuratorate of Yangpu District, Shanghai, that recently, the court sentenced Li and others to fixed-term imprisonment of one year to five months detention after the peoples Procuratorate of Yangpu District, Shanghai, filed a public prosecution against Li and other four staff members for the crime of making trouble.

According to the Yangpu District Procuratorate, it is the daily life of many star chasers to go to the airport, play crew and brokerage company. Li Keer is a star chasing girl.

Our familys Aidou will go to Shanghais famous studio to take hard photos of the cover next week. At the beginning of May, after learning from her fans about her idols trip, Li Keer immediately planned a star hunting trip to Shanghai with two like-minded friends Xiao Wu and Xiao Wang.

On the afternoon of May 14, the three people, with all kinds of shooting equipment, arrived from Wuxi to a studio in a design Park in Shanghai. While waiting for the idol at the gate, the three rode the sightseeing battery car in the studio until the power was exhausted. They negotiated with the studio staff on compensation matters, but there was no result and quarreled. But what happened afterwards was unexpected to the three girls.

Turn off the surveillance for me! Studio staff Xue Mou rushed out of the studio and roared. After all the video surveillance in the studio was closed, Xue pulled out the chair Li Keer was sitting on, and grabbed Li Keers hair and fell to the ground. Immediately, Li and other three staff members came forward to fight Li Keer together with them. Li Keer immediately screamed, and called to the police. Li robbed three peoples mobile phones and SLR cameras one after another, and threw them directly into the nearby river. During this period, Li pulled down Xiao Wangs camera from his back and dragged it to the ground until his left knee was bleeding and his arm was sprained.

Passers-by will report to the police immediately.

When they first arrived at the case, Li and others avoided the facts of the crime. I just took out the chair she was sitting on, and then threw her cell phone and camera into the river, but I didnt hit her. However, in the scene of three direct witnesses jointly testify, and the victims injury identification and other iron evidence, finally Li and others confessed all the facts of the crime, and voluntarily confessed to punishment.

After examination, the Yangpu District procuratorate held that the defendant Li Mou and others ganged up in a public place to beat and damage others property at will, causing minor injuries to the two victims and causing material damage of more than 40000 yuan. Their acts violated the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 25 and paragraph 1 (1) and (3) of article 293 of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China.

Recently, the Yangpu District procuratorate prosecuted Li and other four people for the crime of provocation. After hearing, the court sentenced Li and others to imprisonment ranging from one year to five months detention.

The prosecutor said that any contradictions and disputes should be resolved rationally through consultation and mediation, and it is not allowed to harm others and act recklessly in order to be quick. While chasing the stars, young people should always keep rational thinking and follow the instructions of on-site personnel, so as not to affect the normal work and behavior of others, and avoid property loss and personal injury caused by unnecessary conflicts.

Source: surging news editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019