Zhou Xingchi: at the beginning, he gave 10 million because of love

 Zhou Xingchi: at the beginning, he gave 10 million because of love

According to Yu Wenfengs testimony, she was trusted and entrusted to work based on loyalty and ability, because she thought she could help herself. However, the star master pointed out that Yu Wenfeng likes to help him with his work. If he doesnt like it, he wont force her. He says Yu Wenfeng has no experience in film and real estate. She wants to do it herself. Xingye said that she was willing to study and was his girlfriend, so he hoped that she could study. Besides, she was very diligent. At that time, he believed in her loyalty and denied that the other party had a high level of English.

Yu Wenfeng testifies that Xingye asked her to quit her full-time job to work for him, but he did not agree. Barrister pointed out that the contractor contract between Xingye and Yu Wenfeng company stated that the monthly payment to Wenfeng was 20000 yuan. Xingye did not remember who proposed it, but I believe it was agreed by both parties. I dont know that RMB 20000 per month is less than Wenfengs income in the SEHK.

Yu Wenfeng stressed that her father is the founder of Hong Kong construction and her brother is the boss of a securities company. She has a unique view on property investment and other aspects. She has been in love for 13 years for two years. Zhou Xingchi is busy filming films, and she helps with investment.

Zhou Xingchi promised in Christmas 2002 that he would give 10% of the investment profit to Yu Wenfeng. After investing in the sky ratio high project, the luxury house was valued at HK $800 million. Zhou Xingchi should pay HK $80 million to Yu Wenfeng, but in the end he only gave him HK $10 million, and Yu Wenfeng wanted to recover the remaining HK $70 million.

Zhou Xingchi retorted that Xingye promised to give money out of love. They didnt sign a contract for the percentage of commission. Whats more, the tianbigao project is used by Xingye to live by himself, not for investment. This luxury house has not been sold for many years. How can he give the commission?

The HK $10 million paid by Xingye is actually his love for his girlfriend. It has nothing to do with the Commission. During the two peoples love, Xingye successively gave more than 20 million Hong Kong dollars to her, all because of love.

As for Yu Wenfengs disclosure of her investment experience, Zhou Xingchis lawyer pointed out that she had only three years working experience before she knew Xingye, and she had never bought or sold property. On the contrary, before she fell in love with Yu Wenfeng, Xingye was already a mature property speculator.

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