U.S. housing boom under the epidemic: house prices are soaring at the fastest rate since 2014

 U.S. housing boom under the epidemic: house prices are soaring at the fastest rate since 2014

Behind the prosperity of the property market

Normally, the housing market will be hit hard in the recession, but the U.S. housing market has been booming in this downturn.

After the outbreak, many families choose to leave the city to live and work in better suburbs. The ability to work remotely has spurred a surge in demand for second homes in resorts such as Cape Cod and aspen.

Managing director and global head of index investment strategy at S & P Dow Jones Indexes CraigJ.Lazzara House prices were very strong in September, which could reflect the release of pent up demand earlier this year and could also herald strength in the future as the epidemic is driving potential buyers from urban apartments to suburban homes.

The ongoing virus pandemic in the United States has stimulated consumer interest in personal space. Despite the continued spread of covid-19, low interest rates also support consumer demand, Nomura said in a research report. Due to strong demand and insufficient supply, we expect the case Shiller house price index to rise further for the rest of 2020.

Many recent housing indicators are very optimistic and we believe that low mortgage rates will continue to support housing activity, JPMorgan said in a recent research report. The recent strong sales momentum will certainly constitute an upward thrust on house prices.

Nevertheless, just as the housing market flourished during the outbreak, it is likely that the market will cool down as the epidemic disappears.

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