The old lady cant pay the social security in cash. The hot search cant let the Internet carry it

 The old lady cant pay the social security in cash. The hot search cant let the Internet carry it

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Maybe its because there is an old man living in the family. Watching this old man silently bow his head after listening to this paragraph, he feels that his heart is broken...

Do my grandparents encounter this kind of thing in life?

How many other elderly people are in a similar predicament?

Can things be solved successfully in the end? Or give up?

Some people may think that it is unnecessary to worry about bad reviews, but in fact, if you often watch the news, you will know that in this digital age, the elderly will encounter many difficulties in their normal life.

Three months ago, an old man in Harbin was rejected by a bus driver because he didnt have a health code.

Mr. poor doesnt know why. Maybe its that the old people didnt get the opening hours from the Internet in time (the opening hours of supermarkets were shortened during the epidemic period); maybe the supermarket needs to be reserved, but the old people cant operate it.

But I think that day, the old man probably returned empty handed.

Read more similar news, people cant help but think about, what is the problem?

At present, the common view is: Yes

Old people cant keep up with the rapid development of the times.

But I dont think things can be summed up so simply.

If you think about it carefully, you will find that even young people, as long as they dont surf for a few days, will still be abandoned by this era.

Dont believe it? Look at the picture...

Nuo, even young people who surf every day, still fall behind and dont know the new stem on the Internet.

There are even people who are missing Versailles...

This is the way the Internet spreads, and so is the information and information spread through the Internet. For everyone, in fact, it is constantly changing.

This conclusion seems to hold, but it is also partial.

Although the elderly can not freely use most of the functions of mobile phones, the basic functions of mobile phones have brought convenience to them - more convenient contact with their children.

Its not just old people. A year ago, we wrote an article about a Braille watch, and we received messages from some blind friends.


In the past, they needed to touch Braille to get information, which was time-consuming and laborious. Now they can see the world efficiently by using the reading function in mobile phones.

Usually in the backstage, we also receive messages from some special groups saying that a certain technological product has changed their lives.

Technology has brought convenience to the vulnerable groups when we have not noticed.

So whats the problem?

Digitization, technology, and declining physical skills of the elderly are just the fuse of the digital divide.

Now ordinary people like us are the mainstream of society. The resources brought by the development of science and technology will naturally incline to us, and the progress that the vulnerable groups can enjoy will certainly not be compared with us.

At the end of the day, its us and our society that pay too little attention to this group. Our eyes may pass over them, but seldom stay on them..

Why do you say that?

How to pay the social security for the elderly first

The convenience of inconvenient groups has been guaranteed originally, but in the implementation, there may be some problems in some links.

After the old people were unable to scan the health code, many measures were introduced to allow the paper health certificate to replace the health code (in fact, before this matter, some places had already done it).

After the lonely photo of the elderly in Britain was reported, Sainsbury and other supermarkets launched a shopping restriction measure, and priority will be given to the elderly and the disabled.

Once you are trapped in the convenience of technology, you will not be able to solve these things.

If public service providers consider the vulnerable at the beginning, perhaps the elderly dont need to be overwhelmed.

Science and technology are always progressing. There will be more scientific and technological products and more convenient services in the future.

When we treat our aging relatives, we should not blame them for being rigid in thinking, unable to keep up with the times and unwilling to learn. More company and patience.

Maybe some people will think, whats the trouble. I didnt have these problems. Yes, but each of us will inevitably grow old. Todays dilemma is that she cant hand in the medical insurance and he cant get the food. But the future, its you, its going to be me. Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge_ NB12679

Yes, but each of us will inevitably grow old.

But the future, its you, its going to be me.