The state will do it! Direct to the pain point cash payment of medical insurance rejected follow up

 The state will do it! Direct to the pain point cash payment of medical insurance rejected follow up

The helplessness of the elderly in the face of the digital divide has caused countless people to feel sad.

The country is quick to move! On the evening of November 24, the general office of the State Council issued the notice of the general office of the State Council on printing and distributing the implementation plan for effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology, which clearly pointed out that the digital divide problem faced by the elderly is increasingly prominent, and it is necessary to further promote the solution of the difficulties encountered by the elderly in the application of intelligent technology, so that the elderly can better share the achievements of information development. The full text of the notice and the implementation plan is nearly 7000 words.

Photo source: China government website

Hit the pain point directly

By the end of 2021, focus on high-frequency matters and service scenarios such as travel, medical treatment, consumption, entertainment and service for the elderly, so as to promote the elderly to enjoy intelligent services more generally and improve the traditional service methods.

By the end of 2022, the level of intelligent services for the elderly will be significantly improved, the convenience will be continuously improved, online and offline services will be more efficient and collaborative, and a long-term mechanism to solve the digital divide problem faced by the elderly will be basically established.

In the current special period of epidemic prevention and control, the implementation plan has also made clear several points, which are very consistent with the current reality.

The third is to provide multi-channel registration services and optimize the elderly online medical services. This is a measure aimed at the inconvenience of the elderly to see a doctor due to the general implementation of appointment system in medical institutions during the period of epidemic prevention and control.

Four service outlets

This hot search event also makes the old problem of bank service attitude appear again in the public view.

In fact, from zhongzhengjuns observation, due to the fierce competition in financial services in the first tier and provincial capitals, the overall service quality of banks is guaranteed. Just kneeling on the ground to serve customers. Some bank tellers said to Zhongzheng Jun.

However, in some remote areas, where the financial service competition is not fierce and the concept is backward, some banking institutions do still have the situation that service awareness needs to be enhanced and lack of initiative.

Normally speaking, the elderly in their 90s have been unable to move. Not to mention the door-to-door service, at least they have to prepare a seat for people to do business. If people have to go to the bank and have to handle it on the self-service machine, there is a problem and it is not humanized. One netizen commented, attracting nearly 1500 likes.

There are not many such things.

Obviously, some banks still have a long way to go in terms of humanized services.

Slot 2: bad attitude

A bank employee is impatient. Read the XX notice and urge you to finish reading and sign quickly. Im here to apply for the card to save money. This is the service attitude?

The business has been completed. The lobby manager took my mothers mobile phone directly without consulting any consent to register the software under my mothers mobile phone. I saw that he had a very bad attitude when he said, who said it was against the rules?

Slot 3: low service efficiency

There are three counters in the lobby, two of which are closed and one is suspended. The only ATM with the best service attitude and highest efficiency in the whole bank is the ATM.

Slot 4: low professional ability

Comments such as a bank is so messy that I dont know about the business and waste half an hour are numerous on the Internet.

Two suggestions

For some of the customers slots, the bank employees also have many grievances.

A bank employee said, some things have to go through procedures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of some people, such as non personal activation of cards and password setting. How to control the risk of subsequent false claim? It is impossible to guard against some risks with conscience.

Some analysts pointed out that the financial industry is a highly compliant industry, and many operations need to be carried out in strict accordance with the process. Sometimes its not that the bank staff are unwilling to help, but that the process does not give frontline staff flexibility. This person believes that in order to solve the digital divide problem of the elderly, at the level of financial institutions, alternative solutions can be set up for the elderly in the process design. For example, in some banks in Shanghai, many elderly people can authorize their relatives to act as agents, and they can enjoy relevant financial services without leaving home. This method is worth learning from.

Some netizens also said that the service initial intention of front-line business personnel of financial institutions is also very important. Some netizens said, in essence, what we call for is more intimate and more humanized service. Although the intelligent service level of banks is higher and higher, and the service is more and more efficient and convenient, after all, machines can not replace human beings and look forward to more warm services.