Is Evergrandes car order as usual? Intellectual control of three flowers: involving business secrets

 Is Evergrandes car order as usual? Intellectual control of three flowers: involving business secrets

The notice requires the national development and Reform Commission to provide project information, including the project situation, construction progress and annual production of new pure electric vehicles approved and filed since 2015, the production and operation of new energy vehicle investment projects of existing automobile enterprises and the filing of new energy vehicle projects under construction from 2019 to 2010. Article 3 requires all localities to provide local pure electric vehicle project planning and investment promotion, which clearly requires all localities to report in detail the new energy vehicle and parts projects invested and constructed by Hengda, Baoneng and other enterprises since 2017, including land occupation, construction content, project progress, completed investment, etc.

According to the notice, this years new energy vehicle industry development plan (2021-2035) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) issued by the general office of the State Council clearly proposes to strengthen supervision in the process and after the event, consolidate the local main responsibility, and curb the chaos such as blindly embarking on new energy vehicle manufacturing projects. This is also to strengthen investment supervision and promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicle industry u3002

In the above planning, the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in the total sales volume of new vehicles will be reduced from the 25% previously mentioned to about 20%. In addition to the rigid index of weakening quantity, the planning emphasizes the construction of key technology and infrastructure. In the view of the above enterprise insiders, this means that the policy direction of the new energy vehicle industry is gradually changing from weight to quality.

In terms of production capacity, it is mentioned in the regulations on investment management of automobile industry that high-tech enterprises are encouraged to enter the automobile industry by looking for OEM methods to develop smart cars, so as to achieve the effect of limiting new production capacity and utilizing idle capacity.

Source: Science and technology innovation board daily editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368