Yuebao more than 7-day annualized yield of more than 3percent! Can you make money again?

 Yuebao more than 7-day annualized yield of more than 3percent! Can you make money again?

The best annualized return of several funds of wechat petty cash has reached 2.757%.

7-day annualized yield of Tianhong Yuebao in recent one year

According to wind data statistics, as of November 23, there were 559 monetary funds in the market, and the 7-day annualized yield of the funds exceeded 2%, which was significantly higher than the low point of this year. It is worth noting that seven products have an annualized 7-day yield of more than 3%, the highest of which is Dongfang jinyuanbao, which has a 7-day annualized yield of 3.31%. In terms of scale, except for Dongfang jinyuanbao which is less than 1 billion yuan, the other scales are more than 10 billion yuan, and the current e of Bank of communications exceeds 30 billion yuan.

Data source: wind

Recently, the Thunderbolt bond and step on thunder fund have been constantly brushing the screen. The net value of the bond base has fallen by more than 7% and 8% in a single day. Some even lost the income of a year in just a few days. Some investment bond funds began to flee, for the funds that only want to achieve a stable return, they began to find another kind of hedge, and the money fund recovered at this time, which can be regarded as timely rain.

As the economy recovers from the epidemic and the liquidity level returns to normal, the overall return rate of Monetary Fund has increased compared with the previous period. However, some fund managers said that near the end of the year, market liquidity will face seasonal tension, and the short end yield is easy to go up and down. It is expected that the yield of Monetary Fund will continue to stay at the high level within the year, reach the peak before and after the cross-year period, and then slow down, and gradually return to the normal level after the Spring Festival. Generally speaking, as a kind of tool products, monetary funds are still attractive to some extent, and investors are advised to pay attention to it.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the second half of the year, the yield of reverse repurchase of treasury bonds, which is as stable as the commodity base, has gradually increased. The annualized yield of 1-day treasury bond repo (gc001) remains around 2.7%, while that of gc007 is as high as 3.3%.

Some market analysts suggest that although the monetary fund is relatively safe and stable, the rate of return has begun to warm up, and the abundant liquidity makes it a good place for idle funds, we can choose the allocation according to our own situation. In terms of diversified investment structure, it is better for investors to plan for diversified products in the future.