Lin zhengyuee: the central government has agreed to assist Hong Kong businessmen in expanding the domestic market

 Lin zhengyuee: the central government has agreed to assist Hong Kong businessmen in expanding the domestic market

However, she said frankly that if the new coronavirus epidemic is not well controlled, the relevant administrative work will be difficult to carry out, so the epidemic prevention and anti epidemic is still the top priority of the government.

Recently, there has been a sharp rebound in the epidemic situation in Hong Kong. In the past week, the epidemic has deteriorated very quickly, from 24 cases in the previous 7 days to 188 cases on the 7th of this week. Among them, local cases are the main cases, and there are many unknown cases, which shows that there is an invisible transmission chain in the community.

Therefore, she stressed that the primary task of the SAR government at present is to curb the spread of the virus, and virus detection is still the key. In order to achieve the goal of necessary inspection and full inspection, the SAR government will arrange compulsory testing for three groups as soon as possible, including people with symptoms, staff of residential care homes and taxi drivers.

At the same time, she announced that the SAR government will set up bottle collectors in 121 post offices and plan to extend it to MTR stations. The returned bottles will be maintained in 47 out-patient centers of the ha. Five community testing centers will be added as soon as this weekend. It is understood that at present, 100000 samples can be tested every day in Hong Kong. Mrs Lam revealed that she would instruct the Creative Technology Bureau to study how to combine the test results with health codes to facilitate customs clearance in the future.

On November 16, the SAR government launched the safe travel mobile phone program, known as the Hong Kong version of Health Code, to store user travel records and track close contacts when necessary. In order to eliminate users privacy concerns, the program is voluntary and self recording. At present, more than 6000 public and private venues have participated in the scheme, and 118000 taxis can be used directly.

The SAR government has spared no effort in tracking cases, but it still needs the full cooperation of the public. Even with the assistance of supercomputers and the police force, the difficulty of tracking cases is beyond imagination. Some people may refuse to disclose their whereabouts or forget. She disclosed that the safe travel mobile phone program launched by the SAR government will be arranged for designated places, such as restaurants, and people who enter these places will be required to use them when necessary.

At present, there will be a large number of quarantine units in Hong Kong. The special quarantine facilities in the Asian Museum can provide 680 beds, while the HAs isolation and treatment facilities have 3800 beds. An additional 800 negative pressure beds will be put into use in January next year.

As for social distance measures, Ms Lam said she would close indoor spaces and places where people gathered without masks.

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