200 billion new energy vehicle straight diving! Pharmaceutical equipment bull stocks fell nearly 13percent

 200 billion new energy vehicle straight diving! Pharmaceutical equipment bull stocks fell nearly 13percent

After a sharp drop of nearly 5% against the market on Friday, Xinmai Medical Co., Ltd. opened lower again this morning. As of the morning closing, the shares closed at 197.81 yuan, down 12.74% from yesterdays, and the latest market value closed at 14.2 billion yuan.

As one of the leading players in the medical device industry, the market performance of Xinmai medical was also good. In January 2019, the lowest share price of the stock is about 130 yuan. By July this year, the share price of the stock has reached a maximum of 370 yuan, nearly doubling in a year and a half. The companys share price has seen its biggest fall since July.

In addition to pulse medicine, the pharmaceutical industry has generally fallen sharply today. By the end of the morning, the healthcare index was down more than 3% and the pharmaceutical index was down more than 1%. In terms of individual stocks, Sanyou medical, Aibo medical, kailitai and other medical shares fell by more than 5%, while more than 10 pharmaceutical stocks, including Beida pharmaceutical, Renfu pharmaceutical and Ganli pharmaceutical, fell more than 3%.

Part of the 100 billion market value of white horse shares also suffered heavy losses. Lepu medical fell more than 3% in early trading today, Mindray medical fell nearly 4% and Zhifei biological fell nearly 3%.

Coronary stent prices plummeted 93%

The pharmaceutical sector has continued to adjust recently, which has a great relationship with the policy. Many negative policies such as the centralized purchase of consumables, the adjustment of medical insurance catalogue, and the negotiation of innovative medicine medical insurance are still in fermentation. On November 5, the joint purchasing office of national organization for high value medical consumables announced the successful results of the procurement of coronary stents by the national organization. A total of 10 varieties from 8 manufacturers were to be selected. After the centralized mining, the price of support decreased from about 13000 yuan to 676 yuan.

Compared with that in 2019, the average price reduction of the same product of the same enterprise is 93%, that of the domestic product is 92%, and that of the imported product is 95%. It is estimated that 10.9 billion yuan will be saved according to the intended purchase volume.

The first batch of high-value consumables coronary stent procurement in the country has just settled, and the second batch has followed.

According to the notice on rapid data collection and price detection of the second batch of high value medical consumables issued by the medical insurance bureau, the list of the second batch of medical consumables mainly includes six categories: artificial hip joint, artificial knee joint, defibrillator, occluder, orthopedic materials and stapler. Among them, kailitais share price has been cut back, and Dabo medical has adjusted by more than 40% since its high point.

Comments by the national development and Reform Commission, Evergrande auto dived in the morning

Hong Kong stocks and US stocks saw even more gains. Over the past year, Tesla and Yadi holdings have increased more than 5 times. With the soaring of new energy vehicle stocks, its market value also has the trend of catching up with the traditional cars in an all-round way. Teslas market value reached a new high of more than 3.46 trillion yuan, more than two Toyota. BYDs market value is equivalent to 1.6 Great Wall Motors, which has become the worlds third largest market capitalization auto shares. In the future, the market value will exceed 475 billion yuan, which is the fifth largest auto stock market value in the world. The market value of Xiaopeng automobile is more than 334.5 billion yuan, close to Ferrari.

However, affected by the negative news, Evergrandes stock price fell by more than 8% in the early trading, and fell by 7.07% by midday. Its market value evaporated by more than HK $14 billion, and its latest market value has fallen below HK $200 billion.

According to the first finance and economics report, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on carrying out new energy vehicle production and project investigation, requiring local development and reform committees to report the investment situation of new energy vehicles to the industry department of the national development and Reform Commission before November 18. It clearly requires all localities to report in detail the new energy vehicle and parts projects invested and constructed by Hengda, Baoneng and other enterprises since 2017, including land occupation, construction content, project progress, completed investment, etc. The relevant documents have also been circulated on the Internet. Judging from the contents of the documents, the date of signing the documents is November 13.

According to the documents disclosed by Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, the first phase of guidance work of Haitong Securities for the listing of Hengda automobile science and technology innovation board has been completed from September 22 to October 13. From the perspective of guidance content, Evergrande automobile mainly has five major problems, such as sorting and standardizing related party transactions, qualification of independent directors, risk disclosure involved in new car R & D, goodwill impairment and overseas patent combing. Among them, the main problems involved in new car R & D risk are: the companys new energy vehicles have not yet been developed, and it is estimated that they can not reach the mass production state in the review stage of the science and technology innovation board, and the company continues to invest in large-scale new energy vehicles. (Chen Jiannan, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368