Volatility down: Liquor stocks led the decline, Shanghai index fell 1.19percent, hit index fell 2.22percent

 Volatility down: Liquor stocks led the decline, Shanghai index fell 1.19percent, hit index fell 2.22percent

By the end of November 25, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.19% to 3362.33 points; the Kechuang 50 index fell 1.73% to 1388.36 points; the Shenzhen composite index fell 1.77% to 13656.09 points; the gem index fell 2.22% to 2615.53 points.

On November 25, the total transaction volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 863.4 billion yuan, an increase of 33.1 billion yuan compared with 83.3 billion yuan of the previous trading day. Among them, 383.5 billion yuan was traded in Shanghai stock market, an increase of 24 billion yuan over 359.5 billion yuan in the previous trading day, and 479.9 billion yuan in Shenzhen stock market.

A total of 39 stocks rose by more than 9% in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, while 26 stocks fell by more than 9%.

The total net outflow of northward funds on November 25 was 1.569 billion yuan. Among them, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock connect was 866 million yuan, and the net outflow of Shenzhen Stock connect was 2.435 billion yuan.

Liquor stocks led two declines

In terms of plate, the insurance sector launched a wave of fierce offensive, China Pacific Insurance (601601) rose more than 6%, Ping An of China (601318), Xinhua Insurance (601336), Xishui shares (600291) rose nearly 2%.

New energy vehicle plate continued to break out, Xiaokang shares (601127) closed board again, which is the seventh limit board in 8 trading days. In addition, Changan motor (000625), Junda shares (002865) and other trading limits, Xinpeng shares (002328) rose more than 5%.

After a sharp rise, the shipping sector began to pull back, COSCO Haifa (601866) fell more than 5%, Zhonggu logistics (603565), COSCO Haikong (601919) fell more than 2%.

Index callback space is limited

Cathay Pacific Juan believes that the index callback space is limited. In the background of the general rise in overseas stock markets, a shares opened high and went low today, showing a significant correction. On the one hand, affected by the market sentiment, gem is weak under the influence of the medical sector crash, and the early active liquor making stocks fell sharply, which affected the market sentiment. In addition, the Shanghai stock index is close to the upper edge of the box, and there are technical shocks to digest the demand of the early pressure level. However, at present, the external environment tends to improve, the domestic economy is stable and good, and there is limited room for further correction of the index. It is expected to continue to launch a breakthrough upward after short-term shock consolidation.

In operation, Guotai Junan believes that taking advantage of the pullback to bargain layout. Weak dollar, economic recovery and inflation expectations will strengthen the investment logic of cyclical industries, and we can continue to pay attention to the leading cyclical sectors such as nonferrous metals, chemical industry and coal. In addition, new energy vehicle industry chain, household appliances and other industries with upward inflection point can also be paid attention to in the middle line.

Shanxi Securities believes that this weeks market style rotation continues to maintain the pro cyclical plate short-term strong judgment. For the short-term, the deep index of the stock market is stronger. Judging from the long-term historical cycle, the valuation of Shanghai stock market is at a low quantile level, while Shenzhen stock market is at a relatively high level. In the short term, the two markets may be horizontally arranged near the early highs. The configuration chips of hot targets are not loose. The upward pattern of market mid-term shocks remains unchanged. The superposition of the main logic of the future economic recovery cycle and the positive resonance of multiple factors will drive the center to rise continuously and the plate will rotate downward The index may break through the upper edge of the box.

Guosheng Securities believes that on Tuesday, the Shanghai stock index was close to 3400 points, big financial bank insurance securities, big consumption liquor, food and beverage, household appliances, medical insurance, etc. were weakened. The market was still more cautious in the early high. Home appliances and liquor, which had a large increase in the early stage, announced the reduction of their holdings. The signs of profit taking showed that whether the market could break through the early high level in a large scale still needs financial support However, the Shanghai stock exchange technical moving average system is long, and the undervalued blue chip still has advantages, and the upward pattern of material shock is expected to continue. In operation, attention should be paid to the repair opportunities of procyclical plates. Focus on the financial, real estate, construction, environmental protection and other sectors with low valuation; focus on the new energy, military industry, semiconductor and other sectors with high expectations of the 14th five year plan policy; and pay attention to the new energy, machinery, household appliances, automobile, chemical industry and other sectors with high prosperity. In the short term, we can pay attention to stocks with large decline and stagflation, and focus on hot topics such as digital economy and Internet of vehicles.