In less than a month, it has dropped by 16percent, but 399 institutions have gathered to do research to copy the bottom?

 In less than a month, it has dropped by 16percent, but 399 institutions have gathered to do research to copy the bottom?

In addition to the pro cyclical sector, it is worth noting that although the pharmaceutical sector has declined significantly since November, the 10 billion level private placement also pays more attention to it.

Among them, Mindray medical has attracted the attention of many private placement companies with 10 billion level.

Under the dual influence of medical device heart stent collection event and Pfizer vaccine news, this years Bull Stock Mindray medical fell more than 16% in November. However, 10 billion private placement is more and more interested in falling.. In November, 16 private equity companies with 10 billion level, including Danshui spring, Dunhe asset management, Jinglin asset, Tongyuan investment, Gaoyi asset and Hexie Huiyi, participated in the research on Mindray medical.

Regarding the impact of centralized purchase, Mindray medical said that the centralized purchase promoted by the state medical insurance bureau is mainly aimed at the field of drugs and high-value consumables. The products of the companys three major business lines do not involve drugs and high-value consumables. Among other products, orthopedic consumables account for a very small proportion of income, so it has no impact on the companys business at present. For example, from the perspective of potential impact in the future, medical equipment as a cost item, rather than an income item, is the natural subject of cost control and cost reduction. Therefore, medical equipment does not belong to the object of centralized purchase implemented by the National Medical Insurance Bureau. At the same time, due to the characteristics of various types of medical equipment, specialized application and rapid product iteration, it is difficult to implement centralized procurement.

As to whether the accelerated market-oriented promotion of new crown vaccine will affect the companys next growth momentum, Mindray medical said that from the perspective of revenue share structure, the historical revenue of products such as monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps and portable ultrasound, which are significantly driven by the epidemic demand, accounted for less than 30% of the historical revenue, but showed explosive growth, making up for the negative impact of the rest 70% of the business Sound of the downturn. If the global epidemic situation is effectively controlled after the vaccine is launched, more than 70% of the original damaged business of the company can be recovered, and the rebound business growth will be very considerable.

Institutions are still optimistic about the long-term logic of pharmaceutical stocks

The recent centralized procurement of heart stents for medical devices has led to a downward trend in the whole pharmaceutical sector, and some unaffected companies have also been implicated. This kind of company is worth paying attention to, because the long-term logic of many pharmaceutical subdivisions has not changed. The national health insurance bureau implements centralized procurement of drugs and equipment with low barriers. Many companies killed by mistake will not face this problem, so I have been buying more and more recently Shanghai a 10 billion level private medicine fund manager to speak up.

10 billion private placement research busy

According to the statistics of private placement network, as of November 25, there have been a total of 1665 surveys conducted by 677 investment institutions since November. Among them, Danshui spring, Hongcheng investment, Xingshi investment, Chongyang investment, Tongyuan investment and other private equity institutions ranked first.

According to the survey dynamics of 10 billion level private placement, a total of 206 stocks were investigated by 29 private placement companies. Danshui spring, which has always adhered to reverse investment, has conducted more frequent research activities since November. It has investigated 24 stocks including Alto electronics, Yuege shares, Weixing new materials, etc. Followed by Chongyang investment, a survey of 16 stocks, including some pro cyclical stocks.

Near the end of the year, the battle of the private placement industrys ranking is also imminent, and the structural market of a shares is still the consensus, so the positions are maintained at a high level. With the steady recovery of the economy, cyclical stock opportunities appear, and the short-term private placement of 10 billion has also increased its attention. A private equity researcher in Shanghai said.

Editor: Huang Shuhui source: Shanghai Securities News Editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619

Editor: Huang Shuhui