Composite? Wang Sicong bar trampy smoking with sweet hatred

 Composite? Wang Sicong bar trampy smoking with sweet hatred

From the exposed video, we can see that Wang Sicong was sitting among the beauties that night, wearing a white shirt with a cigarette in his mouth, and a male assistant was following him all the time. Originally thought it was just an ordinary play scene, but when the light was lit up, the identity of the beautiful woman around Wang Sicong appeared, which turned out to be Tianqiu, his girlfriend who broke up a while ago.

However, Tianqiu was not Wang Sicongs nearest beauty on that day. The nearest is a beautiful woman in a black sling. During this period, she also pushed a sweet hatred, which seemed to be a success in the upper level.

Previously, Wang Sicong has attracted a lot of attention because of his relationship with wanghongtian, but the woman suddenly announced that she broke up in August this year. Since the announcement of the breakup to now, only a short period of 3 months, the two people also appeared together, compound guess whether it is true, still need to wait for my reply.

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Wang Sicongs two girls at the bar dance show grabbing seats in the early morning

Netease Entertainment reported on November 19, in the early morning of November 19, a netizen aired a video. In the video, Wang Sicong shows up in the bar late at night, and two beauties around him actually stage a grab a seat drama.

In the video, originally Wang Sicong stood around thinking that the short haired woman in white clothes, she was close to Wang Sicong next to play with him.

However, after touching the cup and ready to drink, a beautiful woman with long hair suddenly stepped into Wang Sicongs side and became the person closest to Wang Sicong.

It is not difficult to find that the woman with long hair must have been looking for an opportunity to get close to Wang Sicong. In her short time of grabbing the position, she pushed a girl with short hair who was originally close to Wang Sicong with her elbow, squeezing her out of the picture.

The beauty tried her best for Wang Sicong and staged a real battle for the throne. Even the netizens who released the video also expressed the envy of Wang Sicongs woman fate. He said in the postscript: boss Wang has rushed to Hangzhou bar again, and he has a good relationship with women.

Wang Sicong responds to comments on banzang forest and netizens: your mother is dead, little three and a half Tibetan forest basks in sexy swimsuit. Wang Sicong comments: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251