Zhang Zhilin confesses to love playing mahjong with King Guo Fucheng

 Zhang Zhilin confesses to love playing mahjong with King Guo Fucheng

As we all know, Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi are model couples in the circle. They have known each other for 28 years, married for 19 years, and have a son. Yuan Yongyis love for bags before and after marriage is crazy, and she is a famous love bag maniac.

Although husband Julian Cheung often Tucao his love to buy bags, but every time he is closely related to his wife, make complaints about the bill, even the birthday cake is sent to the bag shape.

Wife Liang Liang loves to buy bags. What is Zhang Zhilins hobby? The answer is sparrow. It has been revealed that he and his old friends Guo Fucheng, Shen Jiawei and other old friends in the circle are all ferocious friends.

In addition, it was revealed that when Zhang Zhilin played mahjong with Shen Jiawei and Guo Fucheng, he played not money, but cars and land. In this regard, in the interview, the host asked Zhang Zhilin how much he played mahjong each time? Zhang Zhilin repeatedly denied that he used the car and the ground to make a bet. Every time he took a taxi, it was not very big. Sometimes it was just a meal.

Although Zhang Zhilins words are more conservative, he cant help the hosts coercion and inducement. During the conversation, Zhang Zhilin revealed: because you fight all day, you cant fight for it.. Was it tens of thousands of yuan a night? Zhang Zhilins expression was very nervous, and immediately admitted: its more than a thousand yuan..

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Buy a bag again! Yuan Yongyi appears in the luxury store, and Zhang Zhilin follows her

Netease Entertainment reported on Nov. 5 that a netizen ran into Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi in a luxury store on November 4. Yuan Yongyi showed up with a plain face, and her husband sat quietly waiting for his wife to buy a bag. He was very fond of his wife.

After being photographed by netizens, Zhang Zhilin is also very kind to greet netizens, without a bit of star airs.

Finally, the two also took a group photo with netizens. Although yuan Yongyi is very temperament, the wrinkles on her face are a little revealing. Compared with the plain netizens, their skin condition is not good and their eyes are hard to cover up their fatigue.

It is reported that buying bags is one of Yuan Yongyis hobbies. Although Zhang Zhilin once dissuaded his wife from buying too many bags, it did not affect yuan Yongyis enthusiasm for buying bags. Zhang Zhilin had no choice but to continue to pamper him.

Before that, some netizens disclosed that after the isolation, Yuan Yongyi bought 6 bags and 16 clothes. In this regard, Yuan Yongyi forwarded the relevant microblog, clarifying: it is impossible to have six bags, all of which are small purses. There are 16 pieces of clothes, and none of them are hats. she also joked, dont exaggerate, or you cant enter the house.

Yuan Yongyi has a good relationship with her son when she goes shopping. Because she is too strict, she wants to change her mother. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251