Kaisili wechat business exposed false brand background and questioned pulling the head and splitting

 Kaisili wechat business exposed false brand background and questioned pulling the head and splitting

In the materials provided by Miss Li and the official website of Casley, the reporter saw the brand introduction of kaysley (KS), a plant technology skin care brand founded in Paris, and the words Paris were also found on the packaging of Kesley products.

Miss Li told reporters: from brand promotion to product production and sales, Kesley tells consumers that the brand has French origin, and even implies that product technology or products are imported from France. I also believe that kaysley is a French brand, but later I learned that I was cheated.

After inquiry, the reporter found that among the three types of daily chemical product trademarks, the Chinese trademark of Kesley, the English trademark of kaysley and the graphic trademark were all applied for by Casley International Holdings (China) Co., Ltd. But at present, only kaysley English trademark has been registered successfully.

Moreover, the reporter inquired about the product record of kesli on the official website of the food and drug administration, and found that all the cosmetics of keseli were produced by Kema cosmetics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. entrusted by kaisili wechat, which were genuine domestic agent processed products.

Some people in the industry told the reporter that because the names of companies registered in Hong Kong can be relatively tall, many enterprises like to register their names in Hong Kong with the words of France, Britain and group. Then, through investment companies in the mainland or authorized trademarks, they will make up some brand stories and package themselves with foreign background Companies or brands, this is also a trick used by many enterprises. Although can not afford to deliberate, but really deceive a lot of unreasonable consumers.

False product promotion

For example, Kathy Lees time emulsion (Kathy Lee time multi effect essence cream) promotes strong anti aging, whitening, skin tissue regeneration and collagen synthesis.

Kathy Lee versatile mask (Kathy Lee multipotent muscle essence mask) promotes the efficacy of whitening and fleck.

Five level agent suspected of pyramid selling

According to the internal document Introduction to Kesley dealers provided by consumers, Kesley wechat business has five agency levels, namely:

Honorary partner, strategic partner must have 3 direct strategic partners, 8 strategic partners in the team, and have 200 square meters operation center or kaisley counter (choose one from two);

A strategic partner must have 3 official general representatives directly under the management of the company, with a total of 8 official general representatives in the team;

Official general agent, the threshold is 58000 yuan, and the deposit is 5000 yuan;

First class dealer, threshold 15000 yuan, margin 2000 yuan;

Special dealer, threshold 4000 yuan, deposit 500 yuan.

In addition, the reward system data of kessley micro shows that the special dealers and the first level distributors can earn 10% of the flat push rewards, and the official general agent can earn 8% of the horizontal promotion incentives and enjoy 4% indirect recommendation awards. According to the difference of the teams monthly performance, the official general representative can enjoy 2-12.5 bonus, with a maximum reward of 1.25 million yuan.

In addition, the data also show that partners can enjoy five rewards:

1. The monthly training reward for partners is 5% for direct partners and 2.5% for indirect partners. Whether the direct B strategic partner or the indirect C strategic partner, as long as the development of new talent, there are different rewards.

2. Partner team monthly bonus award. The monthly performance of the team is divided into 12 grades: 20000 to 10 million, the dividend ratio is from 2% to 12.5%, and the reward amount is from 400 yuan to 1.25 million yuan.

3. Partner luxury car award. According to the team performance of 1.3 million to 8 million, 30%, 60% and 100% of the 360000 Dirac xt5, 600000 Porsche 718, or 1 million Porsche Panamera will be awarded.

5. Partner counter support and decoration expenses reimbursement. 30% of the teams performance is rewarded with 1 million yuan of decoration, 60% of the teams performance is 2 million yuan, and 100% of the teams performance is 3 million yuan.

A legal source told reporters that the 5-level agency model set by Kesley micro business exceeded the legal provisions. In addition, kaisili wechat has established the agent relationship between the upper and lower lines by making the personnel pay different threshold fees, and encourages the agents to pull the head through the way of recommendation and reward, and the way of remuneration based on the team performance conforms to the constituent elements of pyramid selling, and is suspected of illegal pyramid selling.

In this regard, some people in the industry said that the seemingly generous policies of kessley micro business, including team rewards and luxury car awards, are actually aimed at enabling agents to develop more new agents, and encouraging agents to pay and upgrade, giving agents an illusory ideal, so that they can work hard to attract people and invest money. In the end, only some agents at the top of the pyramid can really make money Middle and low-grade agents are just leeks harvested by them.

Ms. Li provided the reporter with the content of how to split the head of the training agent of kesslei wechat business, which may explain the business operation of kesslei wechat business: at the beginning, she could only earn two or three thousand yuan in the first month, two people in the second month, four people in the third month, and eight people in the fourth month, so as to develop to two in the twelfth month For a team of 048 people, if each person makes 1 yuan for himself every day, he / she can earn 600000 yuan / month. If each person earns 10 yuan / day for himself / herself, he / she can earn 600000 yuan / month. Even if only 100 people are developed, at least 30000 yuan / month can be made. The more people you win, the more you earn.

However, Ms. Li said that the head splitting of case Li wechat business seems to be beautiful. Like its five fold reward, it is only after developing several relatives and friends that the product is not easy to sell, but it is too late. They not only wasted their time, energy and property, but also harmed those who believed in themselves and destroyed their feelings. Some friends almost split up for this, and they regret it, so they hope to be exposed through the media to avoid being deceived.

The company will continue to pay attention to how to avoid the legal risks in China.