South Korean drama stars and chefs will be in love

 South Korean drama stars and chefs will be in love

South Korean actors sun moo Hyun and Kim Jang min were selected as the protagonists of to my star

Actor sun moo Hyun will play actor Jiang Xujun in the play. With perfect appearance and talent, he has never seen a downward trend since his debut. As if the stars in the sky shine like him, because of something into the chef Han Zhiyus world, experienced subtle emotional changes. Actor Jin Jiangmin will play the role of Han Zhiyu, a warm male chef. He has been marching towards the goal with tenacity. Because of Jiang Xujuns intrusion, he has been in chaos all his life.

Still photo of where your eyes can reach

I believe that you who have done a lot of Korean films and TV plays must have recognized the quality of Korean dramas. Whether its costume design, actors appearance and acting skills, or the inner feelings of the characters, they are all striving for perfection. The audience cant help but resonate while watching.

Do you still remember the first South Korean drama where your eyes can reach? To my star is also made by the production team of where your eyes can reach! Are your expectations rising again?

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jiang caiwen_ NBJS12656