Li Yapengs reason for joining Yanran fund has nothing to do with the man

 Li Yapengs reason for joining Yanran fund has nothing to do with the man

On November 24, it was reported on the cover news on November 25 that haiha Jinxi, Li Yapengs suspected new girlfriend and sister from Liangshan, Sichuan, had joined Li Yapengs Yanran fund. At 9:45 am on the 25th, the cover news reporter contacted haiha Jinxi by telephone. I did join the Yanran fund and started to participate in the activities, haiha Jinxi confirmed to the cover news reporter on the phone. Because I love doing public welfare.

Haiha Jinxi, a native of Zhaojue County, told the cover news reporter that haiha Jinxi was very beautiful. In September 2011, she won the first prize in the super model single event of the 61st Miss World China finals. Zhaojue County Tourism Bureau awarded her 10000 yuan.

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Official announcement? Young 19-year-old girlfriend joins Yanran fund and works with Li Yapeng

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Li Yapeng confessed that the Yi girls shocked the audience, and the suspected love affair was exposed and ushered in the second spring? (source: original)

On the evening of November 20, Li Yapeng appeared in Liangshan to express his love for Yi girls, and the video was exposed, which caused heated discussion.

In the video, Li Yapeng hugs the young beauty beside him, holding the microphone in his hand, and vaguely hears words like her original intention is not like this and being together, which is suspected of confessing to the woman beside him.

According to the source, the two are in stable relationship. Photos show that Li Yapeng seems to have met her parents with her. It seems that good things are coming.

Later, netizens picked out Li Yapengs new girlfriend named haiha Jinxi, a model born in 1990, 19 years younger than Li Yapeng. She once participated in the Liangshan Torch Festival Competition and was rated as one of the nine beauties. She won the title of China competition area and the best film making award of the Miss World Tourism competition. She won the supermodel champion in China. She can be seen that she is very beautiful. She also played a supermodel role in the film summer of Populus euphratica.

After the exposure of his love affair, Li Yapeng did not make the same high-profile official announcement as last time. On the afternoon of 21st, he forwarded the activity photo of Yanran angel fund with the attached text lets move.

Then, on the 24th, haiha Jinxi, the gossip girlfriend of Li Yapeng, published a public article, revealing that she had joined the Yanran Angel foundation. She also showed her plain face and good temperament.

Haiha Jinxi also attached a sentence lets love at the end of the copy, echoing Li Yapengs copywriting, sweet interaction, suspecting official Xuan love!

Relevant recommended grounding gas! Li Yapeng eats roadside stall with his girlfriend after his new love affair is exposed. He wears casual clothes. 49 year old Li Yapeng makes a high-profile confession that he has met his parents. Source: cover news editor in charge: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251