Zhang Mo, Zhang Peimeng admits beating people recording: I stand up straight on anti domestic violence day

 Zhang Mo, Zhang Peimeng admits beating people recording: I stand up straight on anti domestic violence day

Netease Entertainment reported on November 25, at noon on November 25, Zhang Mohan repeatedly sent two microblogs to respond to Zhang Peimengs counterclaim of domestic violence, and published an earlier recording, saying that her father-in-law and her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law arrived in time to cancel the alarm, and repeated the contents of each domestic violence with Zhang Peimeng in front of her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

In the recording, Zhang Mohan tells about the process of Zhang Peimengs several domestic violence behaviors. Zhang Peimeng admits and apologizes one by one. Zhang Peimengs mother also said in the recording that she would uphold justice for Zhang Mohan in the future and warned Zhang Peimeng that similar situations should not happen again.

In another microblog, she responded to Zhang Peimengs counterclaim of domestic violence. Zhang Peimeng accused Zhang Peimeng of treating herself as a fertility tool.

The pictures and pictures are as follows:

Im really sorry, because of my personal situation and some problems that need to be solved, I have to occupy the public resources to block you. After this response, if there is no accident, I will leave everything to the law to solve and disturb you.

(on November 14, three and a half months after the lawsuit, the divorce lawsuit between Zhang Peimeng and myself was finally filed in Haidian court, and the opening time was unknown. After 95 days of the case of my mothers illegal entry and beating, three of the four people had completed the record collection, and the remaining one was Zhang Peimengs agent and was still hiding. The most sad thing is that I didnt see my daughter in these 95 days, because Zhang Peimeng was on the same side He told me to go to see my children at home and informed the property management that I would not be allowed to enter the community. I was afraid of it carefully and wanted to meet my daughter openly.)

First of all, I intended to respond one by one, but when I read Mr. Zhangs article carefully, it was really ironic. There are so many details that I cant prove that I didnt do these things that didnt happen.

1. Zhang Peimeng said that my nails were broken because I had caught his eggs. And I want to say that my nails are broken because he broke my nails and robbed my mobile phone. I cant read the ambiguous chat records. To borrow Zhang Peimengs logic, if I really want to pinch his eggs, he may have been heartbroken by the lethality of girls nails. (wrote a six bet, really angry smile)

2. Zhang Peimeng said that my mother made a scene in the police station and threatened the police to jump out of the building. When my mother reported the case, Zhang Peimeng was not at the police station at all. What is worth mentioning is that the police station has two floors. How did he see my mother jumping on the second floor? (I laugh again)

3. Zhang Peimeng said that I didnt take my babys birth certificate and vaccine with me, and I didnt care about the health of the child at all. I didnt hit your ear. You said that I hurt your ear and your eyes are not good. Dont say I did. [figure 1] the original vaccine and birth certificate are in my home in Harbin. Take a good look at it (I laughed angrily) I took my child back to my mothers house because Zhang Peimeng had filed for divorce with me and confiscated my key card. Every time I went out and went home, I had to go through the door opened by him and my parents in law. He repeatedly expressed that I would not love you for a long time. If you have no face to continue to stay here. His house is no longer my home. I want to go back to my own.

4. On May 7, 2020, I was reported to Qinghe police station in Haidian because of Zhang Peimengs domestic violence. Which planet police will help me force you to write a confession? Will help me force you to kneel down and apologize? (the police all laughed angrily) there was no kneeling down and no letter of repentance. There was only a closing statement saying Zhang Peimeng apologized to Zhang Mohan and compensated 5200 yuan (the amount was the suggestion given by the police, because it was over 520 yuan). At that time, Zhang Peimeng had the right to file a lawsuit in the court. [figure 2

6. About derailment: you know how many times youve split your leg. The reason for calling the police on May 7 was that Zhang Peimeng received a Wx video next to me the day before. The picture was very limited. The other side called Zhang Peimeng buttocks up. We had a quarrel. During the questioning process, I learned that the reason why they had the name of buttock raising was that they had communication in Macao. Zhang Peimeng has only been to Macao once. He accompanied me to explain the 2018 World Cup finals offline. He lived in my room. I worked all night downstairs. He was upstairs exchanging his hips.

7. Ive really broken down a lot of times. After my pregnancy was stable, the father of the child said to me, I just want the baby, I want your genes, I dont want you.. What am I, a fertility machine? Whats more sad is that after I gave birth to a child, my IQ may not be very online. I thought it was all quarrels and angry words. Until the later things happened, I realized that maybe this was true, but I thought it was too ugly to be regarded as a fertility tool, so I didnt say it.

8. I was in Beijing from August 2 to August 10, because I recorded five NBA programs and spent nine days in Beijing to earn one months living expenses for my daughter and I (during the separation period, I set a work plan for myself to stop work after earning the living expenses and go home to bring my baby); during my stay in Beijing, I went to Beijing For the birthday party of celebrity who rubbed her best friend, even if it was Zhanguang who celebrated her 28th birthday, I didnt drink because I was a driver. On August 1, I changed my hair style and took a self portrait on Weibo, which is also the work content. On August 24, when Zhang Peimeng and his party broke into the house illegally and robbed the children, I just left Harbin. [figure 4] because I was going to attend the MBA interview of Guanghua School of management in Beijing University on the 23rd, the ticket on the 24th was too expensive. In order to save money, I wanted to buy a low-cost ticket one day later.

9. Finally, I would like to talk about myself: This is not an era of fighting back, scolding not answering. I am a bad tempered person. I love to be brave and show no weakness. If I am hurt, it doesnt mean I havent resisted. I never deny that. I did give a bad example of how to tolerate domestic violence again and again, but I hope my failure can serve as a reminder to other women in the same situation.

Today is also worth commemorating, November 25, the international day against domestic violence. I stood up straight.

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Zhang Peimengs wife accuses him of domestic violence, and the quarrel video is exposed! Infidelity in marriage and her pregnancy

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24, Zhang Peimeng sent a long text in response to the rumors of domestic violence, and published several hospital diagnosis certificates and scars to complain about his wifes domestic violence. She said that when fighting, his wife would take a knife to chase her own, and had scratched her testicles. At the same time, he denied cheating and domestic violence, and took the children because his wife was seeking pleasure and neglect in Beijing. He was advised not to be a womans matchmaker before marriage.

The pictures and pictures are as follows:

What I have to say

I have been hoping to calm things down, but after 40 days of forbearance, I was forced to tell the truth with my own privacy.

Today is my daughter back to Beijing home for three months. The time I spend with my daughter every day is my happiest time, which gives me the strength to continue my life.

I am going through the darkest days of my life. I bear the stigma of domestic violence, cheating, whoring, illegally entering the house to rob children, and committing violence. Some people want to ruin my reputation.

Ive been holding my tongue for 40 days. After all, the people who clean me up are the mother and grandmother of the child; they are relatives and members of the original family.

I still want to save all this, endure again and again, but wait for wave of slander and lies.

I cant stand it.

I dont know if there is a disgraceful family like us. Im really confused and have to force myself to search for memories. Some things are really hard to say.

The hospital examination report that has been embarrassed to show


Zhang Mohan and my mother-in-law have been playing the role of weak + victim, hoping to make themselves spokesmen of anti domestic violence. If I wasnt a client, I might have believed them. But this is not the case.

When Zhang Mohan had a quarrel at home, he often ignored it, and pursued me with a knife many times. Once, because I came home two hours later than I had agreed with her, she was waiting for me at the entrance of the corridor with a kitchen knife.

Having gone through many dangerous moments, I didnt want to entangle myself. I turned around and ran subconsciously. However, the kitchen knife she threw out was directly cut on my body, slashed my down jacket, and the filled feathers fell to the ground.

After that, at a friends party, Zhang Mohan even took it as a joke to show that she could catch up with the sprinters and hit me successfully.

Zhang Mohan and my mother-in-law jointly exerted pressure on me at home, which was a double destruction of body and spirit.

Once, I wanted to go out and calm down. My mother-in-law blocked me and hugged my waist from below. Zhang Mohan slapped me in the face from above.

As she did so, she cried out, my daughter is pregnant with your child. Whats wrong with your mouth?

I broke away and ran out of the house, and Zhang Mohan ran out and rushed down the stairs. Fortunately, I came back to take her, otherwise the consequences were unthinkable, and she took the opportunity to continue to beat my head.

Zhang Mohan has been trying to create evidence of my domestic violence, trying to strengthen my control.

On May 7, 2020, in a dispute, she severely scratched my lower body, so hard that she trimmed her sharp long nails, which broke in this scratch. And my testicles, she scratched.

Men know how painful and maddening testicles can be. In the resistance, I put her away, keep a distance with her, did not fight back.

She confessed strongly to the police that she had been detained by the police and asked me to report to the police. Now I think about it. Fortunately, I didnt agree to her request in order to calm people down. Otherwise, it would be another so-called real hammer incident.

In the hospital, I was identified as testicular trauma.. I dont want to be a laughing stock because of this kind of injury, and Im always ashamed to talk to the public. But she was unscrupulous on the Internet and wrote about my domestic violence on her, adapting the truth into the script she needed.

My scars

On March 24, 2020, I was maintaining my motorcycle and she ordered me to go home immediately. As soon as I got home, I was scolded. After I replied, she directly picked up an octave box, hit me in the head, and then tore me.

My clothes were torn, my arms and waist were scratched, and my nails were clearly visible.

In March or April 2019, I dont remember why we quarreled. She punched my left ear and immediately caused my tinnitus and almost perforated eardrum.

During the examination and treatment in the Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, the doctor extracted a large amount of effusion from my ear because of being beaten. The doctor suggested that in order to prevent the effusion from recurring, it should be sealed with plaster. I felt that it affected the image in my work, so I refused, eventually leading to auricle hyperplasia and sclerosis. The hospital has the medical record of this visit.

Because of my ear injury, I couldnt lie on my left side and press my left ear for a long time. In training, every time I wear the helmet of a snowmobile with steel frame, I feel like tearing.

Zhang Mohan, who accompanied me to the hospital for examination, clearly knew the harm she had caused to me. If Zhang Mohan, instead of me, was beaten, she would have called the police.

I am still too good face

And all this, I forbear, still maintain her public image. Take care of her and swallow everything in your stomach.


After reading the above, many people feel that I am talking nonsense. I simply describe Zhang Mohan, Zhuang Xiuli, as an unreasonable madman.

I dont know about your life experience, but I did meet such a wife.

In order to gain the upper hand in her life and establish her own right to say the same thing in her family, she dares to take any radical action.

The usual process is to quarrel first, and then to chase me. When I ran away and couldnt hit me, she would hurt herself.

Im really ashamed to see this

I dont know what hysteria looks like. You have seen two people mix their mouths in the car, saying that you stop in the middle of the road, climb up the engine cover to the top of the car, yell at the people on the road, just to make my husband disgraced his wife?

Zhang Mohan has achieved this.

All right! Come down. Everything is up to you

You have seen her husband hide out and run to the school to avoid quarrels. As a result, she relentlessly pursues the school, climbs the two meter high barbed wire fence of the school, and threatens her husband that if she miscarries, its all you who do harm to her - such a wife?

Zhang Mohan has achieved this.

So I had to be scared again and again. In order to save my face and children, I apologized to her and said, OK, OK, I listen to you, Im wrong.. Then, according to her request, I will write a check for her, so that she can leave all kinds of evidence that can further control me.

There are so many things like this. I cant remember it all, and I cant write down it here.

She frequently reported to the police and found various channels to report to me. Even once, I recorded an online class in the office by myself without wearing a mask. She immediately called the police and reported to the police. Its a crime to say Im not wearing a mask. I should be arrested and fired.

I would like to ask those who have common sense to think about it. As an athlete with a height of nearly 1.9 meters, what kind of consequences will it have if I want to abuse her family?

If I had reached out my foot, she would have been broken on the ground. But in fact, every time there is a quarrel at home, she is the first to start; I am the frightened bird who cant stand the disturbance and retreat and want to escape.

I want to go out to hide quiet, away from her unreasonable and irregular hysteria. But she pulled me, tugged at me, didnt let me go; scratched me with her nails, threw at me anything she could get at her hands.

I had to keep my anger up, to keep her from hurting me, and to prevent her from hurting herself.

Among the various pictures displayed by Ms. Zhang Mohan, one is the bruise on her leg, which is the product of a quarrel between us.

At that time, we two said something wrong, and I turned to the bathroom instead of going back. Zhang Mohan went to the bathroom and faced with a bath foam. I was going to give me a crotch top. I subconsciously used a hand-held flower to protect the crotch, resulting in this mark on her leg.

Zhang Mohan went back to the kitchen.

Based on past experience, I know shes looking for a kitchen knife again. I also had to run into the room naked and take a dress around my right hand and right arm, ready to defend.

As a result, Zhang Mohan opened the bedroom door and was stabbed.

Im really not afraid of your jokes. Its normal for my family to have a small dozen every three days and a big one on the fifth. When she couldnt cut me down, she raised her knife to make a self mutilation gesture, and I had to soften up to her.

Zhang Mohan has a strong desire to control me. My mobile phone, itinerary, social contact, consumption records, wechat chat records, and friends who like me should be reviewed at any time.

My mobile phone is my home rule.

She wont allow me to go against her will, or shell embarrass me with all sorts of strange tricks, some of which are just fantastic.

Zhang Mohan likes to win, she must win, even paranoid to win at all costs.

In the face of me, she tried every means to make me kneel down, iron and yield; she asked me to believe that my IQ, quality, personality and three outlooks were inferior to her; she wanted me to be her tame tool man.

In her published articles, she slandered me for saying athletes with high androgen just want to hit people. How could I, as a professional athlete, say such words to humiliate myself?

This is exactly what she constantly brainwashed me.


Its incredible that Ive spent the past two years in the spirit of the bystander. As the peoples teacher and the party concerned, I have to make people laugh in front of me, and then suffer after others.

Im really a bit silly under this extraordinary mental pressure, because Ive never seen such a woman before. She can be as sweet as oil in the front foot, because of a word of discord, she will directly pour hot oil on you.

In August 2018, we officially announced our love affair. Some people in the circle often give me a message about her dishonorable past in the circle between married and unmarried men, and remind me not to be a catcher.

She explained to me that others had hurt her before, and I was her true love. I believe her, because I think those are Zhang Mohans past.

To this end, I alienated a lot of friends.

I understand that it was not easy for her to survive in a competitive environment.

In life, Zhang Mohan pursues a vain life and likes to show off his high-grade. Every time after the noise, I transfer money to her and swipe the card, can exchange a period of calm days.

But after all, Im just a family of P.E. teachers, not the rich people Zhang Mohan imagined. I cant afford her profligacy.

In July this year, I stopped transferring money to Zhang Mohan, and took back the credit card I put in her. She immediately regained her tenderness to me, good enough to make me uneasy.

And the biggest nightmare, it began.

Zhang Mohan took our daughters surveillance

On July 17, when I got up early in the morning, I found that Zhang Mohan and the baby had disappeared from the baby room. There was only one pillow under the bedding on the bed. So I quickly called her and my mother-in-law, but there was no response.

Monitoring video shows that at more than 4 a.m., Zhang Mohan held a box to avoid the monitoring of the elevator and went down to the garage to leave.

I immediately called the police to look for them.

At that time, the outbreak was not over, and my 10 month old daughter and mother were gone, and I was crazy.

It was only in the evening that Zhang Mohan answered the phone call from the police, but refused to disclose where she and her child were, saying it was her privacy. Later I learned that she and her children had arrived in Harbin. The one who helped her take the baby with her was the former dismissed nanny.

In the days since then, Zhang Mohan has repeatedly shown in her microblog and circle of friends that she lives as a refined celebrity who drinks big drinks, celebrates her birthday and has her hair and beauty done in Beijing.

My mother-in-law hasnt retired yet. She has to go to work normally. Therefore, Zhang Mohan left the child to the babysitter in Harbin, showing a mothers sense of responsibility.

Take her daughter away without taking care of her mother

Zhang Mohan knows me so well that children are my biggest weakness.

I have repeatedly asked her to bring her child back to Beijing. She resolutely refused. She even ignored that the child still had a vaccine to be given. When I left, she didnt even take the birth certificate and vaccine book.

I cant imagine that my daughter cant be around all night without my parents. What should I do if I get sick?

Many people have advised me, forget it, just throw the children in Harbin, you just need to worry about it, they are not good at stubbornness, you will definitely suffer losses, you are busy with you, just wait, they just take children as chips, this kind of routine is quite common, dont be sad.

But I cant. children are my life and everything to me. The child will soon be one year old and must go back to Beijing for vaccination.

In the slander for me, Ms. Zhang Mohan said that I was cheating. If she took her daughter away, and I was an irresponsible man, wouldnt such a thing be just as desired, and I would be free to look for my own life.

And all this is a lie, I have no affair at all, so I fell into the trap of threatening me with her children.

Please analyze it rationally


On August 24, I arrived in Harbin. I know the law will support me. I am the father of my daughter. As long as I can hold her in my hands, I can protect her.

Throughout the process, my hands only reached out to my daughter, only touched my daughter, we did not hurt anyone.

My daughter has no strange feeling to me, completely recognize me, like we have never separated, I am excited to tears.

As the father of the child, I lived as humble as the earth, and my heart was full of deep humiliation. God pity me, my little angel came back to me after we separated for more than a month.

My mother-in-law insisted on falsely accusing me of beating her, went to Gongle police station in Daoli District of Harbin, threatened to jump out of the building, and demanded that I be detained and punished.

Even specially took a video, the so-called scene restore, create public opinion. But their videos just prove the absurdity of their lies.

According to my mother-in-laws explanation, in the narrow hallway, Im nearly 1.9 meters tall with her feet and neck lying on the ground, and she could even turn back and hit the right eye of the person lying on the ground? And thats totally irrational.

According to her mother-in-laws explanation, she experienced a long process of being knocked down from behind, kicked by feet and punched; staggered to stand up and knocked down by several fists; dragged for several meters and pushed down to be unable to move; and watched people leave.

But in fact, according to the video they released, it was only 27 seconds from the time I carried my daughter in the house to when I came out. How could I create so many dramatic scenes.

I can guarantee with my life that we didnt hit anyone, she was lying! Shes making a false accusation!

I am the childs biological father and her only guardian in Harbin. While my wife was pursuing her own pleasure in Beijing, I took my own children and took care of her myself.

Thats right! Reasonable! Legal!

From that day on, Zhang Mohan and my mother-in-law played a consistent trick to clean me up.

In addition to his mother-in-law going to the police station to punch out cards and take the road of Whoever makes trouble is reasonable; Zhang Mohan reported everywhere, putting pressure on my unit and intimidating me and my parents.

Zhang Mohan also sent out threats to my friends and slandered my personality. He made connections in the communitys mother group and cheated innocent people into the water.

The public opinion offensive launched by Zhang Mohan is irresistible. Clear and powerful expression, exquisite shooting techniques, well polished interview clips, well-organized cover the truth and show the false, as well as the right tears, set off her strong personality.

It was not long ago

Before that, Zhang Mohan praised me for being a good father + model husband on his micro blog. Now he splashes dirty water on me with tears in his eyes, which is amazing.

The grade of the sewage is a dictionary.

Many people remind me: Zhang Mohan has such resources around him. She as my wife, I am good, she increases visibility; I bad she also increases visibility.

As you can see, she has raised the banner of feminism and anti domestic violence, and has shaped herself into an idol of persecution in contemporary families.

As a host, Zhang Mohan has a good eloquence and knows how to communicate on the Internet, shoot videos and perform. As if I was about to close the net.

My daughter is my only source of strength.

Zhang Mohan is a child of a single parent family, but she is also unfortunate; our daughters original family is already very bad.

No matter what, I hope to solve our problems calmly and give my daughter a quiet, undisturbed childhood with normal love from her parents.

Thank you for reading my presentation.

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