TVB male star implicates 205 artists for testing

 TVB male star implicates 205 artists for testing

On the same day of TVBs Taiqing, Xiao Zhengnan not only took the red carpet with his wife Huang Cuiru, but also opened the ceremony in Zhu Chenli. In the activity, he interacted with many artists, including Chi chat with c jun and Lu Yong behind the scenes, as well as chatting with Wang Mingquan in person. The risk of infection is quite high.

Whats more, from the photos, we can see that almost all the stars who participated in the National Day celebration didnt wear masks. In short, everyone present has the possibility of getting hit. However, after receiving the information of the epidemic situation, TVB responded quickly and carried out disinfection and cleaning. All the artists attending the Taiqing festival were tested. At present, all the results are negative.

At present, Xiao Zhengnan has been forced to be isolated. He took a video on the evening of the 24th to report that he was safe: Thank you for your concern. I am in the isolation center. The incident was due to the shooting of the program on the 18th. Yesterday (23rd) night, I received a call from the Department of health saying that there was a manager diagnosed that day. I became a close contact. According to the law, I will be isolated. The test results are initially negative. You can rest assured.

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Xiao Zhengnan has been in contact with Xinguan (source: Netease Entertainment)

At the end of the video, Xiao Zhengnan did not forget to ease the tension. He said with a smile that he would wipe the floor and continue to pay attention to hygiene. As for his wife Huang Cuirus condition, Xiao Zhengnan was interviewed and said that his wife burst into tears on the spot after seeing her being sent to the car, which made him very sad. However, Xiao Zhengnan made fun of his wifes cooking skills and joked that he had made his wife so miserable. He hoped that someone could help her and bring her some food.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251