Little wife dressed in Hanfu for Zhang Jizhongs liquor business line

 Little wife dressed in Hanfu for Zhang Jizhongs liquor business line

On November 24, Du Xinglin, the 31 year old wife of Zhang Jizhong, showed a family dinner scene on the social platform, which won the unanimous praise of netizens. On that day, Zhang Jizhong, Du Xinglin and his son Martin sat together for dinner. The interaction between the family was also very loving.

In the video, Du Xinglin stands up and takes food for Zhang Jizhong. He looks like a good wife and good mother. Then Zhang Jizhong, in turn, served Du Xinglin with vegetables, and then handed drinks to his son Martin. The family was very happy with each other. Although Du Xinglins son and daughter were not seen, netizens said that the relationship was too enviable, and praised Du Xinglin for not looking like a stepmother, but more like a mother, with the measure of Zhang Ziyi.

Perhaps Du Xinglin wants to show the harmonious side of his family to the outside world. But in the eyes of netizens, it is very deliberate, the reason is that even the meal has a special camera clip.

In addition, some netizens objected to Du Xinglins ancient costume and advised her not to dress too much in front of her children.

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Zhang Jizhongs wife takes family farming photos

On the evening of November 19, Zhang Jizhongs wife Du Xinglin and her husband Zhang Jizhong went to the ground to experience farming life with their children. Du Xinglins friends also posted photos of their familys farming experience on the social platform. In the photo, Du Xinglin, wearing a Han suit and long hair, is holding her two month old daughter xiaohuaxian in her arms, standing in the field with her husband to experience the fun of harvest.

Zhang Jizhong, 69, with white hair on his head, personally bent down to pull out the radish, while Martin, the eldest son, also held up the radish in response to his father. The picture was joyful and warm.

In another photo, Du Xinglin squats on the ground with carrots and beans in his hand to introduce him to his son. He is very gentle. His eldest son, Martin, is playing with his younger brother. His family is very happy.

It is reported that on September 10 this year, Du Xinglin, a 31 year old wife of Zhang Jizhong junior, successfully gave birth to his second daughter. She held two children for three years and had both children. After that, Zhang Jizhong released their marriage certificates and officially announced their legal relationship with Du Xinglin. In the face of various disputes, on September 13, Zhang Jizhong officially responded to his relationship with Du Xinglin for the first time: Du Xinglin and I are legal couple. Du Xinglin is a doctoral student studying in France. Shes taking care of our family and our career, and shes not an assistant. My current family was also legally re established after the failure of the previous marriage. My children are all born legally. The son Martin was born legally

Since Zhang Jizhong clearly responded to his relationship with Du Xinglin, Du Xinglin has no longer kept a low profile. He shares some daily life on his personal social platform almost every day, and their relationship is very stable. It is understood that Du Xinglin, a doctoral student born in 1980s, is proficient in English and is more than 30 years younger than Zhang Jizhong. When he was in Chengdu, Zhang Jizhong loved Du Xinglin all the way.

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Zhang Jizhongs wife Du Xinglin makes dumplings with her son (source: Netease Entertainment)

On the night of November 7, Zhang Jizhongs 31 year old wife Du Xinglin, who was young, released a warm video, making a table of delicious food with her two sons making dumplings. Duxinglin just sent her husband Zhang Jizhong on business trip, and he practiced yoga and dance at home, and took two sons to make dumplings. He had a good time as a child.

Du Xinglin said in his heart that Zhang Jizhong, who was not at home, expressed the hope that the warmth at home could be passed on to the sweetheart who was busy outside. This kind of address is really sweet.

Zhang Jizhongs wife Du Xinglin makes dumplings with her son and calls her husbands sweetheart. Zhang Jizhong and his wife take their children to a happy trip to a family with three people in the same frame. It looks like three generations. 69 year old Zhang Jizhong takes children to celebrate Halloween and is mocked like a grandfather. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251