The policy of live broadcasting industry is tightening, reshuffle is speeding up, and Li Jiaqi and Weiya are not fragrant?

 The policy of live broadcasting industry is tightening, reshuffle is speeding up, and Li Jiaqi and Weiya are not fragrant?

In response, Professor Liu Shuangzhou of the Central University of Finance and economics told the Securities Daily that the standardized development of the live broadcasting industry needs the joint efforts of multiple departments. Once the implementation of this series of policies is implemented, it will certainly play a role in the survival of the fittest in the live broadcasting industry, and this mixed state of good and bad will be managed.

Live broadcast has become an important way of enterprise marketing

Affected by the Kwai Chung, the major businesses and brands have joined the camp of the live broadcast of e-commerce. The rapid rise of short video tiktok such as fast hand and jitter has brought huge new traffic market to the electricity market, and the live business shows explosive growth. In this context, a number of head broadcast network celebrities, such as Li Jiaqi, Weiya, Xin Youzhi, have risen and stood at the top of the pyramid of the industry.

These Internet celebrities are also accelerating their embrace of the capital market. There are more than 20 listed companies and Li Jiaqi, Weiya and other online celebrities to cooperate. In September this year, the fast brother team of Simba came to cooperate with the listed companys starting shares and Sheng Xun Da Kwai.

From the industry involved in the live broadcast, in addition to FMCG, clothing, beauty, tourism and other industries, the pharmaceutical industry has also joined the Internet carnival. A person in charge of a pharmaceutical company, who did not want to be named, told the Securities Daily that this year, affected by the epidemic, the company launched live broadcasting business, including cooperation with online celebrities and self built live broadcasting teams. The company does live broadcasting mainly for marketing.

During the period of this year, we set up a live broadcast platform for pharmacists to meet the needs of online and offline businesses. The relevant person in charge of the pharmacist group told reporters that during the live broadcast, pharmaceutical enterprises can interact with users of pharmacies and clinics all over the country and give immediate feedback. In addition, the effective communication channel from pharmaceutical enterprises (manufacturers) to users (purchasers) built by live broadcast enables pharmaceutical enterprises products and policies to be accurately pushed to different types of terminals covering the whole country through the background data technology and terminal coverage capability of pharmacists help platform.

Chaos behind the excitement

The chaos of live broadcasting industry leads to the increase of consumption disputes and complaints. For example, there are some problems in the medical and American live broadcasting market, such as swiping orders, uneven quality and high return rate. In this regard, Li Bin, chairman of United Liga medical cosmetology group, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that the emerging online Red live delivery of goods, in addition to a large amount of pit fees, there is a high amount of account sharing, and the normal price is pressed to the floor. Finally, the medical and aesthetic institutions are only left to lose money and earn money. Medical beauty is a personalized behavior of diagnosis and treatment. Blindly low price will only discount the service of medical and aesthetic institutions, resulting in more medical and aesthetic consumption disputes.

In the future, medical and beauty live broadcasting will be strictly regulated, for example, the identity of the Emmi anchor will be regulated; the content of the live broadcast should be specified, so that no doctor can receive medical treatment online; whether the sales of medical and aesthetic products should be regulated by the advertising law. Li Bin thinks.

In the case of tightening policy, some platforms are also increasing the security audit of live broadcast of merchants. The relevant person in charge of the pharmacist group told the reporter that the company has formulated the platform network live broadcast management specification according to the relevant laws and regulations, strictly audit the qualification of the live broadcast subject and verify the relevant responsible personnel. First of all, check and register the contact information, business license, drug production / business license, food production / business license, class II record certificate and other relevant qualifications of the live broadcast merchants on the platform of pharmacists help; secondly, according to the principle of real name in the background and Certificate in the front desk, the contact information, identity information and professional license of the anchor of the platform are verified.

Network live marketing is a new topic, a big topic, and also a hot topic. Social Research on it is just beginning. Professor Liu Shuangzhou told reporters.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425