Owed 12 million? Wang Rongrong denies

 Owed 12 million? Wang Rongrong denies

According to the data, Wang Quansheng, an oat retail brand of Hangzhou burp e-commerce Co., Ltd., was established in May 2018. According to relevant data, Wangs sales volume reached 2 million yuan in the first month of its opening. During the double 11 period in 2019 and 2020, Wang Satin beat many oat brands to become the first in the category of Chongyin cereal.

In the view of economist song Qinghui, the main reason for Wangs rapid popularity within two years is that he is good at marketing. With the recommendation of stars and a large number of online celebrities, Wang quickly gained the recognition of consumers. But the first mock exam is also a problem. If it is not replaced by other brands in terms of speed and quality, it will be replaced by other products.

Rapid break circle, sales surge, in the Internet red label at the same time, good at marketing has become Wang Satins label. Yao Jing, its founder, once said to the public: Wangs success is due to the combination of health and good taste of the product on the one hand, and the judgment on the trend of new media publicity on the other hand.

Wang satin, who started from microblog, established the first batch of consumers by selling at a discount on Weibo. After that, we set up a special micro Taobao operation team to strengthen the interaction with fans and enhance their stickiness. After having a group of fans, Wang has attracted more consumers attention by means of the diffusion effect of Star Online celebrities and extensive advertising.

According to incomplete statistics, while signing a contract with famous artist Liu Tao to become the spokesperson for baking Cereals, Wang Satin also cooperated with popular traffic stars Ouyang Nana, Li Xiang, Zhang Shaohan, Wang Zulan, etc., and successively cooperated with more than 200 online celebrities such as Li Jiaqi, covering more than 40 million fans during the cooperation period.

Tiktok tiktok, Wang Baobao, has been advertising on the popular platforms such as jitter, B station, Xiao Hong book, micro-blog, and the kitchen. At the same time, he has worked with micro-blog, Xiao Hong, jitter, B station masters office, and its products are appearing in the big media of every self.

In Yao Jings view, the marketing strategy is more focused on brand marketing. Based on the social credibility of stars, it can improve the trust degree of brand characteristics health in the hearts of consumers.

Pattern marketing for Wang Satin brought good sales, and even the phenomenon of short supply. Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert and founder of Shanghai Jiude positioning consulting company, said that online marketing has improved Wangs sales volume to a certain extent, but due to the limited production capacity, there is a certain shortage phenomenon, which is also regarded as hunger marketing by the industry. It is understood that Wang Satin has only one self built factory. In order to increase the supply, Wang has opened the OEM mode to increase production. At present, Wang has one self built factory and three cooperative factories.

Some people in the industry believe that Wang Satin has become an online brand and has achieved good sales by relying on online marketing. However, this online Red model needs long-term marketing to keep up with it. Once the advertising is reduced, sales will also be affected.

Wang Satins online identity and good sales volume made him favored by capital. After getting capital support, offline layout became one of Wangs next jobs. Tianyan check information shows that within two years of its establishment, Wang has obtained three rounds of financing. For the application of the latest financing, it is said that Wang will mainly be used to accelerate the layout of offline channels, build supply chain and team, and look for opportunities to expand categories and create multiple brands.

At present, Wang Satin layout offline will face the competition of many brands. It is understood that its competitors such as Wal Mart, RT mart, Carrefour and other international chain stores have already set up related products. At the same time, Western wheat food has established a relatively complete distributor network, and has set up 8 business regions in China to establish cooperation with distributors in the region. In contrast, Wang Satin has just started its offline layout. At present, it has only set up supermarkets such as HEMA and OLE. As for the distribution of dealers, Wang is still at zero.

In terms of product types, Wangs current more than 10 SKUs are obviously lagging behind dozens of categories such as Jiage oats and Western wheat food. Song Qinghui said that Wangs current production capacity and volume are obviously not enough to support the large-scale layout of offline channels.

Source: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of Beijing Business Daily_ NF