Hillhead is shooting again! The stock soared 35percent in three days

 Hillhead is shooting again! The stock soared 35percent in three days

On November 24, the answer to the mystery was revealed: a high-level shot.

Hillard HK $600 million purchase of advanced technology

On November 20, prior to the opening of the Hong Kong stock market, there were six large-scale transactions involving 462 million shares and a total capital of 1.064 billion yuan, at a price of HK $2.3 per share.

The shares soared by 24.58% on the same day, with a total turnover of HK $1.671 billion, the highest turnover since listing, dozens of times of daily trading.

In the next two days, the stock continued to rise, rising nearly 35% in three days. While its share price reached a record high, its market value surged by nearly HK $5 billion. Triggered market speculation, whether there is capital on the stock.

On November 24, the answer was revealed: according to the Hong Kong stock exchange, Hillard bought 26247.8 million shares of Pioneer Technology (1302. HK) on November 20, with an average price of HK $2.3 per share and a capital of about HK $600 million. After the purchase, hillocks shares accounted for 6.06% of the total equity of pioneer technology.

Delphi capital takes 200 million shares

In addition to the 262 million shares taken by Hillhouse, who has won nearly 200 million shares?

On the evening of November 24, Xianjian technology announced the result: Fude capital.

According to the announcement, Hillard capital and Delphi capital recently transferred all equity of Xianjian technology held by Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. (the parent company of China Everbright Holdings Co., Ltd.) (hereinafter referred to as Everbright Holdings) through block trading on the trading day. After the completion of this transaction, Hillard capital and Delphi capital respectively hold 6.06% and 6.00% shares of Xianjian technology.

As an important strategic partner of pioneer technology, we will work together to further accelerate the development of innovative products and deepen the internationalization strategic layout of the company.

As one of the investors of this strategic investment in Xianjian technology, Mr. Li Zhenfu, the founder and CEO of Delphi capital, said: Delphi capital has always attached great importance to Xianjian technology, and we appreciate the determination and investment of pioneer in innovation. In the past five years, Xianjian has invested more than 20% of its sales in R & D every year, which is a rare innovation driven enterprise in China. After the increase, Delphi capital will further deepen the strategic cooperation between the two sides, provide continuous support for the overall value improvement of Xianjian technology, and help Xianjian technology become a leading innovative medical device enterprise.

Who are the people of Xianjian technology?

Data show that, founded in 1999, Xianjian technology has always focused on independent innovation and R & D. after more than 20 years of development and precipitation, it has achieved a perfect independent intellectual property system and leading technological innovation ability, and has become a leading cardiovascular and peripheral vascular micro invasive medical device enterprise in the industry.

As of June 30, 2020, the companys revenue was 294 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.99%; net profit was 84 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.3%.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Fund News_ NBJ9607