7 even board big bull shares down limit! Soaring 240percent demon stocks have also been planted

 7 even board big bull shares down limit! Soaring 240percent demon stocks have also been planted

In the early morning of November 24, smart agriculture, which had been soaring in the early stage, fell again. By the end of the day, there were still 435000 large orders pressing smart agriculture on the limit, and 180 million yuan of funds were waiting for escape.

This kind of operation method, for the general retail investors, it is too difficult!

On October 26, smart Agriculture announced that the company would suspend trading for one day on October 26, resume trading on October 27, and withdraw other risk warnings. The stock abbreviation was changed from St Huiye to smart agriculture.

As soon as the good news came out, the share price of smart agriculture ushered in the continuous limit board.

According to the public data, the performance of smart agriculture has been reversed this year. In the first three quarters, the operating income was 1.035 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.48%, but the net profit was 44.9852 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 139.7%.

Smart Agriculture said that the companys overall gross profit rate increased, the expense rate decreased during the period, and the operating capacity was effectively enhanced due to the early business, assets and structure integration measures and the recovery of the profitability of non-ferrous metal mining and selection business in the first three quarters of this year.

Cap removing concept stock has been a long-term topic in A-share market. After the st hat was removed last year, the price of Chinese ships doubled once.

In addition, the agricultural and rural development plan under preparation in the 14th five year plan may also be one of the reasons for the sharp rise in its share price.

On October 27, Liu Huanxin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, said at a press conference that he was organizing the preparation of the 14th five year plan agricultural and rural development plan, focusing on high standard farmland, modern seed industry, cold chain logistics facilities for storage and preservation, digital agricultural countryside, animal and plant epidemic prevention and control, and major scientific infrastructure, etc., to increase investment and strengthen modern agricultural facilities and equipment support Hold on.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that from November 9 to November 13, the exchange has taken self-regulation and supervision measures on 38 abnormal securities trading behaviors, involving abnormal trading situations such as intraday lifting and suppression, false declaration and so on.

Among them, smart agriculture and Yuege convertible bonds with abnormal multi-day rise and fall were continuously monitored, and regulatory measures were taken in a timely manner; a total of 8 major events of listed companies were checked, and 2 suspected illegal cases were reported to the CSRC.

As a matter of fact, due to the rapid rise of stock price, smart agriculture has issued several announcements of abnormal stock price fluctuation in the evening of October 29, November 2, November 5, and November 13, respectively, and carried out risk warning.

Well known hot money seats appear on the list of dragon and tiger for many times

Who is buying and selling smart agriculture stocks behind the soaring stock price? On November 16, the dragon and tiger list data released after hours showed that the top hot money relay at a high level, with a net outflow of 37.32 million. In terms of buying seats, Galaxy Securities Beijing Zhongguancun Street business department ranked No.1 with the amount of 40.1156 million yuan, Everbright Securities Ningbo Zhongshan West Road business department, Dongfang Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie road second business department, Dongfang securities Nantong Gongnong Road business department, and Dongfang Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie road first business part listed buy 2, buy 2 and buy 4, with the purchase amount of 19.0813 million yuan and 1898 respectively They were RMB 18.937 million, RMB 14.7656 million.

The sellers seats include the first and second business departments of Dongfang Fortune Securities on Tuanjie road in Lhasa. In addition, the sellers also include the business department of China Merchants Securities (Shanghai) dudanjiang Road, the business department of China Merchants Securities (Beijing Jianguo Road) and the first business department of Dongfang Fortune Securities (Lhasa East Ring Road).

The buyers and sellers of the Dragon Tiger list on the 17th and 18th still appeared the first business department of Dongfang Fortune Securities on Tuanjie Road, Lhasa, known as the base camp of retail investors.

In addition to the 23wanlu listed in the top of the 23wanlu retail stock market in Ningbo, it is worth noting that the first part of the 23wanlu business unit of the company is located in. There are also three top hot money seats in Soochow, Shanghai, South Tibet Road, Tianan Road, Quanzhou, Washington, and Zhongshan Road, Ningbo, Everbright.

In early trading today, smart agriculture had already dropped its limit at the call auction, and there was no chance of escaping from the sky. According to the total sales of the top five business departments, at least 500 million hot money was buried.

It is worth noting that Jinpu titanium industry traded only 150 million yuan on the 24th, a sharp contraction compared with yesterday. This means that most of the 1.52 billion yuan traded yesterday was buried today.

24 after hours exchange data showed that the hot money seats of Jinpu titanium industry were frequently traded recently, and as early as November 18, hot money began to withdraw quietly.

Among the active hot money seats, Guotai Junan Securities sold No.1 in Dalian Road business department, Hongkou District, Shanghai, with a net sales of 10.5306 million yuan, Zhejiang securities Wenling Renmin East Road business department, CICC Fortune Securities Hangzhou global center business department, Xianghe Road Business Department of Xiangcai securities Taizhou, and Chengdu Tianfu Second Street Business Department of Guotai Junan Securities also sold several million yuan on the 24th. While Guoxin Securities Beijing Wangjing business department, Industrial Securities Shanghai Branch, Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie road second business department appeared in the buyers seat, but the net purchase amount was no more than 4.5 million yuan.

Guba frying pan

The sudden drop limit has made investors in smart agriculture and Jinpu titanium industry fried pot. Some investors in the smart agriculture stock bar said that it is estimated that there are still several word down limits.

There are also investors in the stock bar joking:

Smart agriculture

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