Restart capital dream Red Star Erguotou after nine years

 Restart capital dream Red Star Erguotou after nine years

It is worth noting that Red Star stock has been planning to go public for a long time. While looking for suitable shell resources, it is also preparing for landing on a shares alone. Niulanshan, a time-honored brand in liquor industry, took advantage of Shunxin agriculture to realize the listing, which strengthened the determination of Hongxing to go public. In this regard, Xiao Zhuqing, a marketing expert of Chinas consumer goods, said that with the help of capital, Hongxing will expand its market share and reverse the existing situation, and Beijings liquor industry will also form a strong Erguotou sector.

Under the dual protection of the support of the municipal government and shareholders, red star is only one foot short of listing.

According to the announcement, DAHAO technology has signed a restructuring intent agreement with Yiqing holding and Jingtai investment respectively. Among them, DAHAO technology will purchase 100% equity of Beijing Yiqing Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yiqing asset) held by Yiqing holding, and 45% of Beijing Hongxing shares Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongxing shares) held by Beijing Jingtai Investment Management Center (hereinafter referred to as Jingtai investment). At the same time, DAHAO technology plans to raise matching funds through non-public share issuance.

In view of DAHAO technology holding red star shares, the relevant person in charge of Red Star shares told Beijing Business Daily that the official announcement of all the above companies shall prevail. At present, red star has not received the relevant notice from the controlling party Yiqing holding company.

Xiao Zhuqing pointed out that with the full preparation of state-owned assets, the acquisition process has been promoted. DAHAO technology and Yiqing holding, red star shares trading is not expected to appear any obstacles

Can we regain the title of first brother

Mention Beijing Erguotou, in addition to Niulanshan, there are red stars. Little did you know that Hongxing started earlier, and once sat in the leading position of Erguotou market. In the era when Hongxing was the first brother of Erguotou in Beijing, the sales income of Hongxing shares was twice that of Niulanshan. In 2006, the sales revenue of Hongxing shares was 840 million yuan, and at that time, the sales revenue of Niulanshan was only 443 million yuan.

However, with the passage of time, red star shares were gradually chased by Niulanshan until falling. Beijing Business Daily reporters found that from 2009 to 2010, Hongxings sales revenue was 1.5 billion yuan and 1.8 billion yuan respectively; Shunxin agricultural liquor business included Niulanshan and Ningcheng Laojiao, with a total sales revenue of 1.3 billion yuan and 1.699 billion yuan respectively. In two years, the gap between the sales revenue of the two countries has narrowed from 200 million yuan to 100 million yuan, and the distance between red star and its pursuers is narrowing.

In addition, it is estimated by some industry insiders that the annual sales volume of red star is more than 2 billion, while the sales revenue of Niulanshan has reached 9.278 billion yuan in 2018 and will reach 10 billion yuan in 2019. According to Guosheng Securities Research Report, in 2018, the market share of Niulanshan, Laocun head, Longjiang Jiayuan and Hongxing were 10%, 6%, 2% and 2% respectively, and the market share of Niulanshan was 8% higher than that of Hongxing.

In addition to the performance gradually by Niulanshan over, red star in the business also lost the opportunity. Since its establishment in 1949, Hongxing has lost its first share in the industry. In 1965, the owner of Hongxing, Beijing brewery, taught the brewing technology of Erguotou to distilleries in rural counties, such as Niulanshan, Shunxin agriculture. More than ten different brands of Erguotou liquor emerged one after another, squeezing the market of Hongxing Erguotou to a certain extent.

In 1981, Hongxing directly chose to give up the full name trademark registration of Erguotou and only use the registered trademark of Hongxing to share the trademark of Erguotou with all other liquor manufacturers. The sharing of Erguotou trademark, on the one hand, Niulanshan and other Erguotou have grown rapidly, taking advantage of the reputation of the first brother of Hongxing Erguotou to usher in a rapid development opportunity; on the other hand, Hongxing Erguotou began to fade, and even the industry used the word gradually degenerate to shape its trend.

Now, red star backdoor listing, may be able to restore the situation once lost. Xiao Zhuqing said that any category has a duopoly pattern. In Erguotou category, there are Niulanshan and Hongxing shares. With the listing of Hongxing shares, the future enterprises will further expand the market influence, and expand the market share of Hongxing Erguotou by increasing capital investment. After listing, Beijing liquor industry will also form a strong Erguotou section.

Capital boosts or re wins the market

Red Star shares have been listed for a long time.

Beijing Business Daily reporters found that in February 2011, Beijing Capital Liquor Co., Ltd. was established mainly by Hongxing Co., Ltd. and longhui Liquor Making Co., Ltd. under Beijing Yiqing Holding Co., Ltd., including Hongxing, longhui, Guchong, liuquxiang, Zhonghua, luminous cup and other liquor brands.

At the same time, Beijing Capital Liquor Co., Ltd. proposed to strive to achieve the goal of listing in the middle of the 12th Five Year Plan. If appropriate shell resources can be found as soon as possible, capital Liquor Group will be listed on the back door in 2012; if it cannot, it will land on the A-share market within three years.

Three years later, however, the promise did not materialize. In 2014, the liquor sector was in a period of deep adjustment, leading to the failure to achieve the listing target of Beijing Capital Liquor Co., Ltd.

Now nine years have passed, liquor plate continues to heat up, and has become one of the key choices in the capital market, and red stars listing heart is ready to move again.

In the view of the industry, the current annual sales volume of red star is more than 2 billion, which still does not match the brand value of red star. After listing, in addition to the external and internal promotion of red star, it can explore a new mode of equity level with dealers, and realize the breakthrough of market layout in a short time.

Source: Beijing business daily, author: Zhao review, Wei Ru, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF