IPhone 12 dismantling survey: Korean parts accounted for 27.3percent

 IPhone 12 dismantling survey: Korean parts accounted for 27.3percent

Recently, the iPhone 12 series of Apples new mobile phone has been exposed by netizens that there are problems such as the bright screen turning yellow, unlocking failure, light leakage, flashing screen and so on. Even under the pure black background, there will be green around the screen. In response, macrumors, an apple information website, said in an article on November 19 that Apple had acknowledged problems with some iPhone 12 displays.

It is reported that a similar green screen phenomenon has occurred on some iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 promax models, which Apple has previously fixed in IOS 13.6.1.

In addition, according to chinanews.com on the 19th, California Attorney General Besella announced on November 18 local time that Apple has reached a settlement agreement of $113 million (about 740 million yuan) with more than 30 states in the United States. Earlier, the company was accused of misleading consumers about software updates to some of its iPhone line products, deliberately slowing down the phone to extend battery life.

Apple is getting rid of its dependence on the Chinese market. Bernstein research, a market research organizationuff08 SanfordC.Bernstein uff09The companys $32.8 billion reduction in cash flow from Apples suppliers in the past two years has also resulted in a cash flow reduction of about $5 billion from Apples suppliers. According to previous media reports, apple is brewing a diversified production strategy of OEM, and is considering separating more OEM business from its important partner, Foxconn.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, Apples sales performance this year is not as good as before. According to the financial report of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020 released by the company, the global sales of iPhones dropped by 20.7% from June to September this year. In addition, the overall sales of apple in Greater China was only 7.95 billion US dollars (about 52.15 billion yuan), a sharp drop of 28.6% year-on-year.

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