Musk revealed more details about Teslas latest model

 Musk revealed more details about Teslas latest model

The CEO said it was likely to be a small electric hatchback.

After Tesla announced plans to build a gigafactory in Berlin, Elon Musk said Tesla would also establish a design center in Germany and work with local talent to design a new Tesla electric car there.

I think Europe has a lot of talent, talented designers and engineers. And many of the best people, they want to work somewhere, do original design work there. They dont want to just make the European version of something designed in California. So, I think, in order to attract the best talents to do original design, this is very important.

Tesla has been working hard to attract top talent and has been successful at home.

Musk commented on the automotive sector where Tesla plans to use locally designed cars.

The CEO mentioned that he had tried to park the Tesla Model X in Berlin, but had problems finding the right parking space.

Musk did not provide a timetable for Tesla to design and build new electric vehicles in Germany, but it is expected to be at least a few years away, as Tesla focuses on putting the European model y into production at gigafactory in Berlin next year.

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