Walking photographer? Li Yifeng went out to eat, holding up his mobile phone and shooting all the way

 Walking photographer? Li Yifeng went out to eat, holding up his mobile phone and shooting all the way

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Li Yifeng takes pictures with his mobile phone all the way out of the street to eat

Houchang village reported on November 25 that Li Yifeng went out to eat in Shanghai recently.

On the same day, Li Yifeng appeared in all black look. Colored Sunglasses added a touch of warmth to the strong wind in Shanghai. However, Fengfeng should pay attention to safety without wearing a mask.

After arriving by car, Li Yifeng got off and walked to the restaurant. I dont know what attracted Li Yifeng. I saw him holding his bag in his left hand and his mobile phone in his right hand, photographing the surrounding environment or buildings all the way, all the way up, down, left and right.

Until he got to the door of the restaurant, Li Yifeng put down his mobile phone and walked into the restaurant. After dinner, he went back to the hotel to have a rest.

Recently, Li Yifeng starring in the TV drama secret and great is on the air. The play tells the story of Gu Yaodong, a righteous and newly employed policeman, who, after meeting Shen Qinghe and Xia Jicheng, becomes an outstanding communist party member after tearing, bewilderment and tempering.

A few days ago, Li Yifeng talked about work and life in an interview with the media, saying that the artists career shaped his concept of loving life and seriously living. Li Yifeng, who said he came to work in Beijing when he was 19 years old, said: in those days, I go to see now and I dont know what Im doing every day, but in fact, what it brings you later is very wonderful. Thanks to the time we fell in love several times, we did what we wanted at that time, and we didnt deviate at that time, and we didnt have some bad habits because we were young.

Source: Houchang village, responsible editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251