Shandong Zibo real estate unfinished more than 10 years

 Shandong Zibo real estate unfinished more than 10 years

In this regard, most of the owners interviewed by Red Star News reporters said that the relevant departments of the local government had made similar commitments for many times, but failed to fulfill them.

These days, the resumption ceremony was held two or three times. There was a lot of excitement at that time. After a few days, there was no sound on the construction site. A house owner told the Red Star News reporter.

In more than ten years, the project has been renamed three times. The picture shows the gate of the idle sales center

The property has been renamed three times

A few days ago, Red Star News reporter went to Zibo to investigate and learned that the building is located in Zibo High tech Industrial Development Zone of Shandong Province, with a total of 1557 houses under construction, with a total construction area of 340000 square meters. Since the project was built in 2006, it has been renamed three times.

An owner who signed a house purchase contract in 2008 told Red Star news that the property was called Guandu New Town when he bought a house. Since then, it has been renamed Tonggan Lafite and is now called golden platinum Lijing.

A number of buyers told the Red Star News reporter that when they bought the house, they checked the qualification of the real estate license, including the construction land planning license, the construction project planning license, the construction engineering construction license, and the state-owned land use license.

Well pay for it when we have all the four certificates. An owner who bought a house in the second half of 2012 told the reporter that the contract agreed to hand over the house by the end of 2013, but one month after he paid the down payment and completed the loan, the housing construction stopped. After the shutdown, I came to ask every week, but the reply was that there was a problem with the fund, so (the owner) could wait.

Many owners said that after the project was overdue, the developer did not make any compensation, and there are many buyers who live in the rental housing for a long time, paying the rent and paying the loan at the same time, which brings great economic pressure.

Another owner said: I know that there are three or four owners who have died, and some of them only went to college when they bought a house. Now they are married and have children, but their houses have not yet lived.

Internal scene of real estate project

The original legal person of real estate is related to non absorption

Three and a half years

The person in charge of the project told Red Star news that in June 2011, Lou Mou, the original legal person of Apollo company, borrowed 150 million yuan from Hong Kong Yongjin company by taking Liansheng International Co., Ltd., which is controlled in Hong Kong, China, as the main borrowing body, and taking 100% equity of Zibo Apollo Real Estate Co., Ltd. as collateral. The loan agreement stipulates that the borrower shall repay the loan within 180 days from the date of loan. The signing, entry into force, interpretation, performance, modification and termination of the agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.

According to the loan agreement signed by both parties, 100% equity of Apollo company was changed to Yongjin company on January 12, 2013, because the loan was overdue by Liansheng International Co., Ltd. However, Lou did not carry out the project, and still controlled the Apollo company and the real estate project developed at that time.

According to the industrial and commercial information query, Lou became the legal person of Apollo company on July 20, 2010 and withdrew from Apollo company on March 31, 2014.

The person in charge of the above project said that after the equity change of Apollo company and Lou did not have a legal relationship with the company, Lou still raised funds and borrowed money from the people for the reason of building the Apollo project, and used the commercial housing of the Apollo project at that time to mortgage and guarantee the loan. In addition, Lou illegally controlled the companys seal and forged the house purchase contract, resulting in a total of 1557 units of the real estate were seized and more than 1700 units were waiting to be seized, making it difficult to resume work.

More than ten years later, a large number of steel bars are still exposed

According to the judgment, since March 2010, Shandong Tonggan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tonggan company), Apollo company and its legal representative and actual controller, Lou Mou, publicized in the society by means of word of mouth and other means by employees for the reason of funds needed for the construction of Apollo project, and allowed high interest to illegally absorb public deposits for the society act. According to the accounting appraisal, Tonggan company has collected more than 787 million yuan of fund-raising funds, and Apollo company has collected more than 6115 million yuan of fund-raising funds, with a total of 849 million yuan. As of July 31, 2015, the total outstanding principal of Tonggan company and Apollo Company amounted to more than 338 million yuan.

In the judgment, Lou had no objection to the facts of the accusation by the public prosecution organ, but argued that at that time, the enterprise was short of funds. In order to produce and operate, there was no way to raise funds from the society in this way. The funds raised were used in the start-up, design and adjustment of the Apollo project, which was not considered illegal at that time. However, on November 16, 2015, Lou took the initiative to surrender to the economic investigation team of the high tech Zone Branch of Zibo Public Security Bureau.

The court also ruled that Tonggan company and Apollo company would illegally absorb more than 338 million yuan of capital principal and return them to the participants.

In November 2019, the peoples Court of Zibo High tech Industrial Development Zone issued an enforcement notice, and began to enter the enforcement procedure for more than 338 million yuan of stolen money identified by the criminal judgment three years ago.

The person in charge of Hong Kong Yongjin company stationed in Apollo company believes that since January 2013, after the equity change of Apollo company, Lou will no longer have legal relationship with the company. Therefore, loumou, on the ground that funds are needed for the construction of Apollo Hotel, implements the behavior of illegally absorbing public deposits for the society. The subject of the crime should be a natural person, which has nothing to do with Apollo company. In addition, it can be seen from the judgment that a large amount of funds have not been transferred to the construction of Apollo project. Lou only raised funds in the name of the project, which constitutes a fund-raising fraud according to the law.

As to whether loumou no longer has legal relationship with the company after the equity change of Apollo company, the criminal subject is a natural person rather than a company, and whether Lou constitutes a fund-raising fraud or not, Red Star News reporter once went to Zibo High New District Court to hear the case on November 18, contacted the political office and submitted the problem in writing through the staff of the Litigation Service Center Niu Gang, then the chief judge of the case, received replies saying that he would not accept interviews.

On November 23, the reporter contacted Ma, who had been appointed as Lous agent ad litem, and he said that he was not clear about Lous current whereabouts. But said that at that time, as a staff member of Tonggan company, he understood the relevant situation.

Ma denied Lous mortgage and guarantee for the loan with the Apollo project commercial housing, and illegally controlled the companys seal to forge the house purchase contract, resulting in the closure of the real estate through false litigation.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021, according to relevant departments

The owners hope not to renege on their promises

In October 2017, some owners reflected on the message board of the local leaders of the peoples network that Tonggan Lafi in Zibo City has not been handed in for ten years. The official number of Shandong message handling replied: in recent ten years, due to Lous crime of illegally absorbing public deposits, Tonggan Lafi project has stagnated, which not only makes the majority of owners feel resentful, but also has a great impact on the normal work order of the high tech Zone Management Committee , to the external image of Zibo City smeared black. Since 2014, after the study of Zibo High tech Zone Working Committee, a deputy director of the management committee has been arranged to be specially responsible for the resumption of the project. After efforts, the main constraints on the resumption of work have been found out, and the work ideas for resumption have been gradually clarified, including the construction of Luzhong hazardous chemicals trading platform project. We want to restart the project so that each owner can get a house as soon as possible.

On November 13, 2020, the Construction Management Office of high tech Zone of Zibo City, which is in charge of the property, replied in writing to the owners petition that the project has been fully resumed and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. He also said that all departments of the public security, procuratorial and legal departments were working together to solve a large number of legal issues related to the Apollo project.

Recently, Red Star News reporters at the site of the Apollo project found that only more than a dozen workers have reinforced the foundation of the house, and large-scale construction has not yet started.

How can we ensure the delivery by the end of next year? Jiang Xinyan, deputy director of the comprehensive management office of Zibo High tech Zone, which is mainly responsible for the Apollo project, told the Red Star News reporter that the main difficulty was that the property involved sealing up and decompression, as well as solving the problem of mortgage. Next, the Construction Bureau here also wants to further connect with Zibo Municipal Intermediate Peoples court. In addition, Zibo City high tech Zone Management Committee has also given the project some preferential policies to ease the pressure on funds.

We just want to live in our own house as soon as possible. We have no other requirements. Most of the owners interviewed by Red Star News reporters said that before that, the relevant departments of Zibo local government had made many promises to hand over the house, but none of them were fulfilled. I hope that this time, they will not renege on their promises.