The latest new energy stocks soared 2466percent in half a year! Xiangtan said: its a joke

 The latest new energy stocks soared 2466percent in half a year! Xiangtan said: its a joke

It is worth noting that 10 days ago, citron research was just short of NiO, a new force of Chinese car making.

Over half a year, it has soared by 2466%!

Since the end of the month, it has soared to more than $33! Cumulative increase of 2466%! Second to kill Tesla Weilai to wait!

And the company seems to be confident in its share price and its unique position in the market. Rebecca Gutierrez, vice president of marketing for blink, said: with regard to the recent rise in our share price, as you know, the market is very interested in the field of electric vehicles at present, and blink is in a unique position in the equation between the continued growth of electric vehicle adoption and the recognition of this by investors. Gutierrez said she thought the company was unique because it realized recurring revenue from its charging stations, which are owned by the company and can be deployed according to customer needs.

Its a one billion dollar joke.

Citron points out that Blnk has no R & D funds, management is accused of securities fraud and has no real income. Transactions are expected to be significantly diluted soon so that management can continue to cheat the public. It should go back to $10, and thats still a high price. .

Instead, citron urged blink investors to consider buying switchback energy acquisition (Code: SBE). The two companies have similar valuations, but SBE has a much larger market share. For all naive blink investors, with the same market share as blink, you can buy ChargePoint (SBE), which has a 73% market share. Considering the market penetration rate, blink should be $1 per share. Chagepoint, also an electric vehicle infrastructure company, is the largest independently owned online network of electric vehicle charging stations operating in 14 countries. The deal is expected to be completed around the end of this year.

Total revenue in the third quarter was less than $1 million

Although the company has a market capitalization of more than $1 billion, according to blinks latest results, its total revenue in the third quarter was less than $1 million.

Recently, blinks third quarter results showed that the companys revenue increased, but its net loss expanded. Revenue in the third quarter rose 16% year-on-year to $900000. So far, this years revenue has reached $3.8 million. Blink is still expected to record sales this year.

However, blinks operating expenses also increased by 47%, and general and administrative expenses increased by 151%. This further widened the gap between earnings per share and profitability, with a net loss of $1.3 million in the third quarter and $3.2 million in the year to date.

Blink currently has more than 15000 charging stations in the United States, the company said. In many cases, these charging stations are owned by blink, and part of the revenue is shared with the owners of the area, while in other cases, these charging stations are not owned by blink, and blink only charges service fees. So far, the company has not been able to get positive cash flow from this business model, and cash flow has been declining in recent years. But there are also allegations that blinks charging network is much smaller than it suggests. As early as August, after short seller culper research reported that blink grossly exaggerated the size of its electric vehicle charging network, culper estimated that the network consisted of less than 2200 charging stations, rather than the 15000 charging stations the company claimed to be operating. At present, blinks charge station is either useless or ineffective. The lawsuit, which began in August, once caused the companys share price to fall 22%. Some of these statements have been confirmed by user reviews, and consumers generally have a poor evaluation of blink charging stations. Blink responded that the report was false, manipulated and defamatory.. The company said at the time that it adhered to the data provided in its public documents and said it was reviewing all legal options in the face of unwarranted attacks on share prices.

10 days ago, I was short of Weilai

It is worth noting that 10 days ago, when weilaimens share price soared, citron issued a short report, saying that NiO. Ns target price should be $25, only half of the stock price of $53 at that time.

The main reasons for citron shorting are as follows:

1. Weilai automobile is facing two major difficulties, which makes it difficult to sustain its stock price at a high level, especially the competition from Tesla.

2. Velais relative valuation is twice that of Tesla

Affected by this, Weilai fell more than 7% on the same day. This week, however, it has recovered its losses, up nearly 15% since the short.