Jiao was ridiculed and fatigued to receive weight loss treatment, custom-made vegetarian meal cost tens of thousands a week

 Jiao was ridiculed and fatigued to receive weight loss treatment, custom-made vegetarian meal cost tens of thousands a week

On November 24, according to Hong Kong media reports, a Jiao, who has always paid attention to appearance management, has become fat recently. As soon as her isolation period is over, she and her friends show up in a medical center for weight loss treatment.

On that day, a Jiao appeared in black. She wore long black sleeves and a beret of the same color. Her face looked tired. Accompanied by friends, he appeared in the medical center. Hong Kong media revealed that in addition to hypnosis, the center also provides psychotherapy services. In addition, ibmt, a professional nutritionist, designs a healthy vegetarian nutrition diet according to personal physique, and cooperates with Chinese and Western dietotherapy to regulate the body of guests, which can achieve the effect of self-cultivation.

On the same day, Ajiao and her friends tried one of the weight loss courses in the medical center and stayed for more than two hours.

According to Hong Kong media, the price of a weeks diet and testing in the center is $1980 (about 13000 yuan), which is expensive. According to this price calculation, a Jiao needs to spend more than 50000 yuan a month to lose weight.

Hong Kong media also reported that although Gillian has a zero dead angle beauty after 21 years in the business, her figure has always been controversial. She is prone to obesity and was often ridiculed as elephant leg in the past. In order to slim her legs, a Jiao tried to sign a contract to be the spokesperson of the medical and aesthetic center. She took 20 injections of botulinum toxin on her legs and her arms, 40 stitches in total.

Ejiao said in an interview that in recent years, she underwent frozen egg surgery, affecting hormones, resulting in a straight line weight gain of 9 kg. In order to adjust her body shape, Gillian also gave up the habit of eating up seven meals a day and eating only one meal a day. Before that, the concert was the fattest time. Thats why I was said to be fat at that time.

Zhong Xintong and Lai Hongguo married in May 2018 in Los Angeles, USA; on December 18, they signed and got married. On May 8, 2020, the two announced that they had signed a separation agreement with Lai Hongguo. After their divorce, Hong Kong media also reported that a Jiao Lai Hongguo was divorced because she missed the chance of artificial pregnancy.

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Twins fit! Ajiao points to celebrate ASAs birthday

Netease Entertainment reported on November 22 that November 22 is the birthday of ASA Cai Zhuoyan. Jiao Zhong Xintong wrote a message to celebrate her birthday: wish me Sasa a a happy and happy life, and showed a photo of her two sisters and friends such as Rong Zuer and Guan Zhibin.

In a group photo of the two, ASA is dressed in a purple robe and a Jiao is handsome in black. ASA hugs Ajiaos shoulder and kisses her, while Ajiao looks at the camera tenderly. Netizens see the photos of the two and say, twins finally fit, Yeqing Hui!

In another photo of he Zhaozhong with friends like Rong Zuer and Guan Zhibin, ASA stands in position C, and good sisters Ajiao and Rong Zuer stand on her left and right sides, leaning on her shoulders. Some netizens also ridiculed the photos of Yung zuer as if they were on P.

A Jiao dressed in a low-key secret back to Hong Kong scar recovery has disappeared quickly. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251