Sudden flash collapse! Yesterday trading limit, todays limit! Soaring 240percent big demon stocks planted

 Sudden flash collapse! Yesterday trading limit, todays limit! Soaring 240percent big demon stocks planted

In the morning of November 24, the word limit of smart agriculture fell. By the end of the day, there were still 435000 large orders pressing smart agriculture on the limit.

Before that, smart agriculture had a limit on the 17th after rising 240% in a row. Yesterdays play again, limit up and down.

In addition, the titanium dioxide bull of the 7-link board fell sharply, and hongchuang holdings, the leading nonferrous metal company, fell by 9.37% by the end of the day.

Take off the hat Market no longer?

It has soared 240% in 15 days

Smart agriculture was launched on October 27 and gained 12 trading limits in 15 trading days. The stock price has also increased from more than 1 yuan to nearly 5 yuan now. In about half a month, the maximum increase has exceeded 240%.

Behind the rapid rise in share prices, the basic reason is that the listed companies take off their hats. The 14th five year plan for agricultural and rural development under preparation may also be one of the reasons for the soaring share price.

On October 26, smart Agriculture announced that the company would suspend trading for one day on October 26, resume trading on October 27, and withdraw other risk warnings. The stock abbreviation was changed from St Huiye to smart agriculture. The next day, the price of public shares went up and down.

Intelligent agriculture, formerly known as Jianghuai power, is a professional development of power equipment enterprises. In September 2014, the company completed the acquisition of 60% equity of Shanghai Rural Credit Cooperatives, started to march into agricultural informatization, and changed its name in June 2015.

Due to two consecutive years of losses from 2016 to 2017, the companys shares were starred and capped in April 2018, and then the delisting risk warning was withdrawn in July 2019. The companys net profit in the first three quarters of 2020 is 44.99 million yuan; the companys stock was withdrawn from other risk warnings on October 27.

De cap concept stocks has been a long-standing topic in the A-share market. After taking off the st cap last year, Chinas ship prices have doubled.

However, behind the market is usually hot money turnover for the cloud, covering the hand for rain. According to wind data statistics, since October 27, smart agriculture has been on the dragon and tiger list for 17 times, and many well-known hot money seats have appeared for many times.

500 million top hot money buried

According to the open trading information of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 23, 2020, smart agriculture has been listed on the dragon and tiger list because it belongs to the securities with a daily increase deviation of 7% and a turnover rate of 20%.

Smart agriculture yesterday closed at 4.58 yuan, up or down 10.10%, with a deviation of 9.46%, turnover rate of 27.38%, amplitude of 10.34%, and turnover of 1.626 billion yuan.

Judging from the dragon and tiger list on November 23, Sangtian Road, Ningbo, where the leader of the top hot money chapter is located, received 23.5 million shares. There are also three top hot money seats in Soochow, Shanghai, South Tibet Road, Tianan Road, Quanzhou, Washington, and Zhongshan Road, Ningbo, Everbright.

Today, smart agriculture has already dropped its limit at the time of call auction, and there is no chance of escaping from the sky. According to the total sales of the top five business departments, at least 500 million hot money was buried.

(Nov. 23)

(November 19 dragon and tiger list)

The big bull of the 7th Lianban fell to the limit

New generation of hot money tycoons buried

Jinpu titanium industry, which has continuously harvested 7 plates, has become the short-term benchmark of the current cycle stock market. However, on the 24th, Jinpu titanium industry was a word down limit, which was firmly nailed down by 730000 large orders.

From November 11 to 19, the stock price of Jinpu titanium industry was up and down for 7 consecutive trading days, with a range of up to 94.38%.

From the dragon and tiger list released by the exchange, it can be seen that hot money is also the main driving force behind the soaring share price of Jinpu titanium industry. Since the first trading board was harvested on November 11, Jinpu titanium industry has been on the dragon and tiger list for 9 times. Interestingly, according to the dragon and tiger list released on the 23rd, the second business department of Lhasa unity, which escaped from the wisdom agriculture, was buried. In addition, the CAITONG Business Department of Hangzhou Shangtang road and the business department of Dalian Road, the king of China, were also buried.

In addition, there are a number of short-term hot stocks, in todays intraday also have a limit.

Hongchuang holdings, the nonferrous leader of 4-panel, fell to a halt in the day; the spring Yangquan, which nearly doubled in 10 trading days, fell one hour later today, reaching 12.78% in full day turnover; the second-line liquor highland barley liquor on the 7th board of 6 days hit a drop, down 9.11% as of the closing.