I miss my children and my wife! Wang Xiaofei: I hate the epidemic

 I miss my children and my wife! Wang Xiaofei: I hate the epidemic

Wang Xiaofei wrote: for five months, Ive tried my best to do a lot of work. When I cant hold on to my heart and physical strength, Ill think of home. Its almost time to go back I hate this epidemic. It is reported that in recent months, Wang Xiaofei has been sending articles on social platforms missing her family. He said that he was a father who never left home for five days. He really missed his children and home.

Previously, Wang Xiaofei has also sent a paper to let big s come back, dont take children at home every day. After seeing Wang Xiaofeis latest state, everyone yelled s to come back to earn money to relieve her husbands anxiety and pressure.

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Drink too much, dont you? Wang Xiaofei slapped his companion girlfriend after singing

Netease Entertainment reported on November 9 that today, some media photographed a picture of her husband Wang Xiaofei meeting in private. On that day, Wang Xiaofei, wearing a suit, went home with his friends after coming out of the KTV. During this period, he started the mode of teasing girls, teasing friends and girlfriends in public.

On that day, Wang Xiaofei and a young couple were walking together. The picture of two people holding hands was very sweet. Wang Xiaofeis character is very lively, talking and laughing with friends all the way. I dont know why suddenly, Wang Xiaofei not only leans on the shoulder of his male friend, but also reaches across the man to pat his friends girlfriend from behind. The woman doesnt pay attention to him.

Wang Xiaofei continued to pat the womans back a few times. The woman kept a low profile, and his male friends also couldnt laugh.

According to the pictures taken by the media, they took the car home together. The male friend seemed to be in the co pilot, while Wang Xiaofei and his girlfriend were in the back row.

It is reported that due to the impact of the epidemic and work, Wang Xiaofei and big s have not met for four months. On the birthday of big s, Wang Xiaofei was not able to accompany her. Instead, she had a dinner in Beijing with her ex husband Lai Hongguo.

Because she hasnt seen her for months, Wang often sends articles on social platforms to express her missing and love for big s and her children. Before that, Wang Xiaofei also parachuted fans, confessing to his wife in front of familiar fans, promising to return home in two months. November 16 is his wedding anniversary with S. his goal is to be with his wife that day.

Wang Xiaofei couldnt resist sending an article to celebrate the birth of big s for more than three months. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251