Up to 160percent! 29 private placement companies with 10 billion yuan were exposed in November

 Up to 160percent! 29 private placement companies with 10 billion yuan were exposed in November

From the perspective of industry distribution of individual stocks surveyed by institutions, they are mainly concentrated in electronics, machinery, medicine, basic chemical industry, electric power equipment and new energy, computer, automobile and other popular industries.

Although pharmaceutical stocks continued to suffer adjustment at the end of the year, the market still paid attention to them, and 35 pharmaceutical stocks were investigated by institutions. Mindray medical, meinian health, Huadong medicine, Changchun hi tech, Kangtai biology and other stocks were highly concerned.

The fourth quarter cycle stocks have also become a hot word in the market. Among the institutional research stocks, machinery, basic chemical industry, electric power equipment and new energy, building materials, real estate, non-ferrous metals, steel, petroleum and petrochemical industry also began to receive attention. CITIC special steel, Yongxing materials, Hualing iron and steel, Zhejiang Zhongtuo, tutan shares, HEC resources; Western materials, Hailiang Co., Ltd., Jinli permanent magnet Co., Ltd., Asia Pacific Technology, Ganfeng lithium industry, Yunhai metal, Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd. and other individual stocks have welcomed the investigation of many institutions.

From the perspective of the fourth quarters growth of institutional research stocks, as of November 23, among the institutional research stocks, Jinhui liquor had the best growth rate. Since the fourth quarter, the stock price has doubled, with an increase of 161.40%. Yingjia gongjiu and Yanghe shares, which are the same liquor industry, have increased by 64.91% and 39.27% respectively since the fourth quarter.

In addition, institutional research stocks, the top gainers are cycle stocks. Since the fourth quarter, among the institutional research stocks, Yahua group has risen 71.59%, Hegang resources has risen 70.29%, Changan Automobile has increased 63.66%, and BYD has also risen 58.47% in the same period.

From the perspective of the 10 billion private placement survey, a total of 206 stocks were investigated by 29 private placement companies. Since the research, more than 10% of the stock price of aoming group and Tanshui, including the stock price of aoming group and Tanshui, have increased by more than 10% in the market.

Since November, Gaoyi assets has investigated 14 stocks, including 1 main board, 7 small and medium-sized board, 6 gem, and no science and technology innovation board. From the survey details, the companies that obtained the research of Gaoyi assets are Mindray medical, Weining health, Longzi, Jinlong fish, meinian health, robust medical, Hikvision, Zhangjiagang bank, Huayang Group, Bank of Suzhou, Kangtai biology, jintanglang, Wuxi bank and Huichuan technology.

From the list of researchers, sunqingrui, manager of Gaoyi asset fund, investigated the mantis on November 2. As the third quarter report, Fengliu Gao yilinshan 1 is looking forward to holding 800million yuan of jintanglang stock at the end of the period, and is also the third largest circulating shareholder of the stock. In addition to Gaoyi assets, Tonghe investment products are also among the top ten circulating shareholders of jintanglang.

From the perspective of the coincidence degree of 10 billion private placement survey stocks, Mindray medical has received the attention of many 10 billion private placements. In November, 16 companies, including Yuyi asset, Yingfeng capital, Yude investment, Hanhe capital, Qushi asset, Yongan Guofu, Shuangan asset, kuanyuan asset, Lerui asset, SAIC Qizhen (Shanghai) asset, Dunhe asset management, Jinglin asset, Shanghai Dapu asset, Tongyuan investment, Gaoyi asset, Xuanyuan investment, etc., participated in the survey of Mindray medical in November.

According to the announcement of Mindray medical services, the company achieved 16.064 billion yuan of operating revenue in the first three quarters, with a year-on-year increase of 29.76%; the net profit attributable to the parent company was 5.363 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 46.09%. Since the beginning of the year, the share price of Mindray medical has increased by 92.64%, but it reached a high of 409.29 yuan on November 3 and then fell. As of November 23, the stock price of Mindray medical closed at 248.50 yuan.

In the process of research, the organic structure asked how to view the impact of centralized purchasing on the companys business? Mindray medical said that at present, the centralized purchase promoted by the state medical insurance bureau is mainly aimed at the field of drugs and high-value consumables. The products of the companys three major business lines do not involve drugs and high-value consumables. Among other products, orthopedic consumables, because of the small proportion of income, have no impact on the companys business at present.

As for the market outlook, 10 billion private equity Yuyi asset said that in the short term, market volatility increased at the end of the year, optimistic about the recovery of alternative consumer industries such as automobiles, home appliances, hotels, aviation after the epidemic. In the long run, we should lay out innovation driven and high prosperity industries, and continue to be optimistic about the long-term growth space of new energy, innovative pharmaceutical equipment and medical services.

Source of this article: Ren Hui, editor in charge of private placement network_ NBJ9607